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For Everyone Whose Love For Danielle Haim Is Spiraling Out Of Control

S.O.S. please [don't] save me.

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This is Danielle Haim, if you aren't already familiar, she is 1/3 of the band Haim.

Like myself you might currently be suffering from HAIMITIS, Strain D. It's a very real disease in which your love for Danielle Haim makes you unable to do anything besides obsess over Danielle Haim.

Another symptom of HAIMITIS Strain D is that this picture makes you want to hurl a heavy object at the wall because she looks TOO good and nothing is fair in this world.

A photo previously included in this post claimed to be Danielle Haim, when it was actually her sister, Alana Haim. I apologize for that error and have replaced the photo. Also thank you to all of the keen observers who could tell it wasn't Danielle even though there was hair covering her entire face. Rock on.

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