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    21 Extremely Important Photos Of The Cast Of "Ocean's 8" At The Movie Premiere

    All you need to see, right here in this post!

    1. Sarah Paulson and Sandra Bullock:

    2. Cate Blanchett:

    3. All of the ladies:

    4. Cate Blanchett:

    5. Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett:

    6. Just Cate Blanchett:

    7. Anne Hathaway and Rihanna:

    8. Cate mother forkin' Blanchett:

    9. Sandra Bullock holding Cate Blanchett's hand:


    11. Rihanna:

    12. Cate Blanchett!

    13. Sarah Paulson and Sandra Bullock giggling:

    14. Sarah Paulson giggling with....CATE BLANCHETT!

    15. Cate Blanchett and cast:

    16. Cate Blanchett with fewer cast:

    17. Anne Hathaway, Awkwafina and Rihanna:

    18. Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock:

    19. Cate Blanchett!


    21. CATE. BLANCHETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok! That's all. CIAO!!!

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