Drew Barrymore Posted A Video Of Her Outisde In The Rain, And I Promise It's Worth Watching

    Rain queen!

    Recently, we witnessed Drew Barrymore having a very emotional reaction to finding a hidden window in her apartment.


    Part 2 of the renovation and I had some serious discoveries.💡

    ♬ original sound - Drew Barrymore

    She was happier about discovering her hidden window than I've ever been about anything.

    Drew looking excited and pointing

    I did not think I'd ever be touched by a celebrity renovating their house, and yet, here I am, touched.

    A smiling Drew gazing out a window

    But Drew doesn't just love windows and light. She also loves the rain. A rain queen!!!!!!

    We first found out about her love of the rain in this vid she posted in May.

    She was soaking wet, clearly right after a romp in the rain, and said, "If it's raining anywhere you are, just run out in the rain. Don't miss the opportunity."

    Close-up of Drew with wet hair

    She then looked lovingly outside at the rainy weather.

    Drew smiling and looking out the window

    This woman appreciates looking out of windows!!!

    But just showing us the aftermath wasn't good enough. She needed to show us the during. Which brings us to this video. The *outside*-in-the-rain video:

    The message was the same as in the first vid, but this time, she meant it more.

    She laughs as she frolics in the rain.

    Drew laughing in the rain


    Drew looks up and smiles

    And then she tells us/screams, "Whenever you can go out into the rain, DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY!!!"

    A smiling Drew with her head raised and her eyes closed

    The passion here is so passionate.

    Drew with her hand up and eyes closed

    There is absolutely not one human on Earth who likes the rain more than Drew Barrymore, I am sure of it!!!

    Drew with her eyes closed and mouth open

    THANK YOU, DREW, FOR BEING YOU. And I promise, next time it's raining, I will do my part and run outside.