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Drew Barrymore Is Going Viral After Discovering A Hidden Window In Her New York City Apartment, And Her Reaction Is Truly Priceless

Because I love any "hidden window" or "hidden door" content.

Drew Barrymore is pretty much "love and light" incarnate.

Drew Barrymore on the red carpet

She radiates positive energy!

Drew Barrymore smiling on the red carpet in a gown with a voluminous cape

She's also currently renovating her NYC apartment.

Drew got the surprise of a lifetime when she discovered a hidden window behind some drywall.

Drew's hand on a window

An NYC dream, TBH.

Drew looking surprised

The clip of her discovering the wall is going viral on Twitter because her reaction is— Well, you just have to see for yourself:

drew berrymore literally crying about the window she found behind a wall while renovating her apartment is camp

@drewbarrymore/ Twitter: @RonnieKL13

For those who can't watch the vid, Drew says the people who owned the apartment before her covered up the window with drywall.

Drew pointing

Drew tears open the drywall.

Drew tearing dry wall

Her excitement overwhelms her.

Drew pointing and smiling

"I knew there was a window. I knew it," she cries.

Drew crying

Drew tearfully looks out the window.

Drew smiling and looking out the window

"It's so hopeful."

Drew talking

"It's like something can be so covered up and dark. You can pry it open and create light."

Drew talking

So yeah, there's some Drew Barrymore "love and light" for your day.

Drew looking overcome with emotion

Now excuse me while I search for a hidden window in the concrete box I call home. <3