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    Drake's 2000s-Themed Birthday Party Will Leave You Whatever The 2000s Word For "Shook" Was

    That's hot.

    Wadduppp homies, this post is about Drake's 2000s-themed birthday party that looked off the chainnnnnnn, sweet as hell, the bomb, and most of all, cool beans as heck.

    Obviously the bday boy impressed with not one but two looks.

    The first one you might recognize as the man who taught you to spell "fabulous," kinda, Fabolous.

    And then Drake gave us P. Diddy aka Diddy aka Puffy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs.

    Btw, the real Diddy also showed up to the party, dressed as himself, which makes sense, because he is forever 2000s.

    Anywhooo, as you may have seen in the video above, the party featured a Blockbuster section, RIP.

    A Pimp My Ride area (and yeah that's Kendall Jenner, we'll get to her in a sec)...

    ...some of these mad cool airbrushed shirts featuring Drake as a young'un...

    ...which, by the way, were buy one get FOUR free!! That's a steal!!

    And there were also some double styrofoam cups for dranking...

    ...and lots of flip phones.

    Drake was really into the flip phones.


    And while lots of famous people showed up and had on their 2000s best, like Diplo and singer Anitta.

    And designer Izabela was the spitting image of Aaliyah...

    ...I have to give the award for best dressed to Kendall Jenner, who showed up as the ultimate 2000s girl.

    She wore a Von Dutch hat, ~those~ sunglasses, low rise flared jeans, and a tiny shirt that showed off her midriff. Exposed midriffs were a thing back then.

    Gica, Boni / GIO / BONI / BACKGRID

    I'm actually triggered by this look!

    Kendall Jenner Instagram

    She also had a Blackberry, which means she was going more late 2000s, but still before the decade ended. It works!! Paris Hilton is shaking!!

    Kendall Jenner Instagram

    In conclusion, that's how you throw a party. The 2000s will never die. Long live velour and Motorola. And happy birthday Drake.


    Aaliyah’s name was misspelled in an earlier version of this post.

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