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19 Chloe Kim Tweets That Will Make You Laugh And Say “Lol, Sameeeeeee"

Lol. SAME.

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Chloe Kim just won the gold medal in half-pipe. At first I thought being an Olympian isn't that relatable (you know, cause they are like, super-humans) however now I'm realizing that Chloe Kim is actually me, and you, and you, and literally all of us. The proof is in the tweeting.

1. First of all, when she tweeted bout being hangry MINUTES before winning a gold medal.

2. Second of all, any tweet about her dog.

3. Seriously, this is her dog.



5. When she almost hit some lady with a car.

6. When she got attacked by makeup brush or some other makeup thing IDK.

7. When she marked this milestone.

8. When she overcame the postal service for some snacks.

9. When she was just wanted some dang ice cream.

10. When she got honest with herself.

11. When she tweeted about her cure for anxiety.

12. When she stomped on a person.

13. When she almost experienced death by stubbing.

14. When she was literally just tying her boots.

15. When she admitted to being a felon.

16. When she revealed her training diet.

17. When she got pissed at her friends because of a dream.

18. When she was like "enough Kim!" probably.

19. When she was just like, driving to eat more food.

20. And lastly, when she announced she was 14.


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