18 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Ke$ha’s butt ladies and gentlemen.

1. John Stamos hung out with Elton John:

2. LEna Dunham went to Paris:

3. Miley Cyrus took a mirror selfie:

4. Donald Faison proved why he and Zach Braff are BFFs:

5. Lena Headey took a selfie:

6. Harry Styles ate Ramen noodles on stage:

7. Aaron Paul hugged a delivery man:

8. Ian Somerhalder hugged a dog:

9. Chord Overstreet went to Compton:

10. Taylor Swift baked with Kelly Osbourne:

11. Kim Kardashian showed off NORRITO:

12. Jeremy Piven (with a mustache) partied with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen:

13. Rachel Zoe showed off her two boys:

14. Jesse Tyler Ferguson was with Oprah:

15. Amanda Seyfried took her dog for a boat ride:

16. Colton Haynes was caught red handed:

17. Snoop Dogg took a car ride:

18. And Kesha showed off her butt

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