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    17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    Miley Cyrus was a glowing baby, Joe Jonas showed his true self, and more!

    1. Nick Jonas hit the sea.

    2. And Reese Witherspoon hit the beach.

    3. Joe Jonas looked a little funny.

    4. James Franco met a cat.

    5. And Harry Styles met a teddy bear.

    6. Sarah Jessica Parker hugged a book in the rain.

    7. Lady Gaga and her OOTD posed by a water fountain.

    8. A raptor whispered sweet nothings in Drake's ear.

    9. Miley Cyrus had a glowing pacifier.

    10. Mindy Kaling enjoyed a beverage.

    11. Jessica Alba did some yoga.

    12. Taylor Swift found some colors.

    13. North West got her first hot chocolate.

    14. Britney Spears and her boo saw some mountains.

    15. Drew Barrymore had some umbrella problems.

    16. J Lo held a coke belong to her.

    17. And Lena Dunham just wanted to live.

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