19 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    Just let Kim live.

    1. Miley climbed a mountain.

    2. Drake became a raptor.

    3. Reese enjoyed her new waffle maker.

    4. Kim kind of took a selfie with North.

    5. Justin Bieber stepped off his plane.

    6. Hilary Duff cuddled with her dog.

    7. Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina looked stylish in a hotel room.

    8. Joe Jonas got ready for christmas.

    9. Ariana Grande rested in her limo.

    10. Oprah showed off her christmas goods.

    11. James Franco turned the tables on the paparazzi.

    12. 50 Cent enjoyed a money sandwich.

    13. Lena Dunham was back with her girls.

    14. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba celebrated the holidays.

    15. Nick Jonas got ready to travel.

    16. Snoop Dogg rocked a headband.

    17. Amanda Seyfried and friends got into the ugly sweater spirit.

    18. Andy Cohen had some quality time with his dog.

    19. And Anna Kendrick held a pineapple.