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    Posted on Oct 10, 2015

    17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    Here's what was 'grammed this week!

    1. Justin Bieber and his guitar hit paradise.

    2. Kim showed off her one-of-a-kind family shoe collection.

    3. Taylor showed off her grumpy cat.

    4. Reese Witherspoon welcomed a new puppy.

    5. Hilary Duff worked it out.

    6. Drake prayed to the 6 gods.

    7. Selena celebrated revival.

    8. Mindy learned lines.

    9. Lena Dunham kissed a pig.

    10. Cara and Kendall had a mask staring contest.

    11. Joe Jonas enjoyed Friday.

    12. The Rock had a little celebration.

    13. Katy Perry lived the Adidas boat life.

    14. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend enjoyed some sweets.

    15. Lady Gaga cooked.

    16. Miley Cyrus had a dog makeout.

    17. And David Beckham had very literal #Squadgoals.

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