35 Famous People Related To 35 Other Famous People That All Happen To Work In Showbiz

    Everyone is related.

    1. Zooey and Emily Deschanel's dad is Caleb Deschanel, a cinematographer. He has been nominated for an Oscar SIX times!

    The Deschanel family

    2. Troian Bellisario's dad is TV producer Donald P. Bellisario. His work includes NCIS and Quantum Leap.

    3. Justin Theroux's cousin is Louis Theroux, who most recently went viral for his, "My money don't jiggle jiggle" rap.

    4. Steve Aoki's dad, Rocky Aoki, is the founder of Benihana. You know, the restaurant chain.

    5. Matty Healy, singer of the band The 1975, is the son of Denise Welch and Tim Healy. Both English actors.

    6. Sarah Hyland's dad is Edward James Hyland, a broadway actor who played Dumbledore in The Cursed Child.

    Edward James and Sarah Hyland

    7. Ben Platt's dad is big-time movie producer Marc Platt. He produced Legally Blonde, La La Land, and sooo much more.

    Ben and Marc Platt

    8. Martha Plimpton's dad is Keith Carradine, the longtime actor who starred in Dexter.

    Martha Plimpton and Keith Carradine

    9. And Keith Carradine's brother is Robert Carradine, aka Lizzie McGuire's dad.

    Robert and Keith Carradine

    10. Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal's parents are Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner. Stephen is a director, and Naomi is a Golden Globe-winning screenwriter.

    11. Actor Lucas Hedges' dad is Peter Hedges. He's a novelist, producer, and director whose work includes the book-turned-movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape and About a Boy.

    Peter and Lucas Hedges

    12. Rachel Bilson's dad is Danny Bilson, a producer, writer, and director. His father/her grandfather is Bruce Bilson, a television director. She's third-gen showbiz!

    Danny and Rachel Bilson

    13. Kristen Stewart's parents are John and Jules Stewart. Her dad is a TV producer, and her mom is a script supervisor.

    14. Zosia Mamet's dad is Tony-nominated playwright David Mamet. He also has many screenwriting credits.

    Zosia and David Mamet

    15. Tony Goldwyn is the son of producer Samuel Goldwyn Jr., who is the son of Samuel Goldwyn (the OG) — he basically cofounded the literal making of feature films.

    Tony Goldwyn and Samuel Goldwyn Jr.

    16. Max Minghella's dad is Anthony Minghella. He was a screenwriter whose work includes The Talented Mr. Ripley and The English Patient.

    Max and Anthony Minghella

    17. Rebecca Hall's dad is Peter Hall. He was a director. He founded the Royal Shakespeare Company among many other things.

    Rebecca and Peter Hall

    18. Sasha Spielberg, who records music as Buzzy Lee, is Steven Spielberg's daughter.

    Steven and Sasha Spielberg

    19. And while not related by blood, Dr. Arizona Robbins, aka Jessica Capshaw's stepdad is Steven Spielberg.

    Jessica Capshaw and Steven Spielberg

    20. Dr. Phil's son is singer Jordan McGraw (and his wife is Morgan Stewart, from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills).

    21. Robert Schwartzman, the lead singer from Rooney, and Jason Schwartzman of Phantom Planet, are brothers.

    22. King Princess' grandparents were Isidor and Ida Straus, the co-owners of Macy's. They also were the real-life couple behind the couple portrayed in the Titanic.

    23. Bono's daughter is actor Eve Hewson, who starred in Behind Her Eyes.

    24. Singer Charlotte Lawrence is the daughter of Christa Miller, who starred in Cougar Town, and Bill Lawrence, who created Cougar Town, Scrubs, Spin City, and Ted Lasso.

    25. J.J. Abrams' daughter is singer Gracie Abrams.

    26. Tim Daly's son is Sam Daly, an actor who has appeared in Bel- Air and Bull.

    Sam and Tim Daly

    27. That makes his aunt Tyne Daly, because she's Tim Sister.

    Tyne and Tim Daly

    28. Actor Michael Warren, from Hill Street Blues, is Cash Warren's dad.

    Cash and Michael Warren

    29. You probably know Cash Warren from being Jessica Alba's husband.

    Cash Warren and Jessica Alba

    30. Elle King, who sings "Ex's & Oh's," is Rob Schneider's daughter.

    Elle King and Rob Schneider

    31. Clueless' Stacey Dash is the cousin of Damon Dash, the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella records (Jay-Z being the other founder).

    Damon and Stacey Dash

    32. John C. Reilly's son is musician LoveLeo.

    33. Musician Greta Kline, aka Frankie Cosmos, is the daughter of actors Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates.

    34. Olivia Wilde's mom is the Emmy-award-winning investigative journalist and filmmaker, Leslie Cockburn.

    35. Christopher Nolan's brother is Jonathan Nolan, creator of Westworld.

    Christopher and Jonathan Nolan