This Post Is For Anyone Who Loved The Music In "Bridgerton"

    I know those songs!

    If you watched Bridgerton, then you've probaby realized by now that the music in the show sounds familiar.

    Me watching bridgerton and hearing pop songs being played like classical music:

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    Because it's literally string/classic versions of current music. It's like, hey we are taking place in the olden days but we stan Ariana Grande!!!

    In the first episode of Bridgerton, did anybody catch the instrumental music in the background?? It’s “Thank u, Next” by Ariana Grande. Lol 😂

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    Anddd if you've been too lazy to figure out more about the music, then don't worry, I've done it for you. Me, at your service!

    A couple different string quartets are the best parts of the show. One of them is the Vitamin String Quartet. They did "Thank U, Next."

    And also "Girls Like You."

    And remember being like, " that....Billie Eilish???" They did that one too.

    But they've also done a TON of other covers.

    Including "WAP," which is important!

    Some of the other covers on the show were done by Duomo.

    They've ALSO done a ton of really amazing pop covers. Including "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Empire State of Mind."

    Then, obvi, there was a lot of non-pop, classical-sounding stuff throughout the show, and that was all composed by Kris Bowers. Here's an entire playlist with the score from the show:

    Other than extremely good-looking people with British accents, the music was a highlight from the show. There are thousands (literally over 5,800) Bridgerton-themed playlists on Spotify right now.

    They say classical music is good for focusing, but I also want to listen to Taylor Swift all day, so this is a perfect combo. Will be following all of them. THANK YOU BRIDGERTON FOR ALL THAT YOU'VE GIVEN US!!!