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    Kaley Cuoco And Her Friends Are Bringing Back The Girl Squad, There I Said It!


    Disclaimer: this post will feel like it never ends. I promise, it does!

    Idk if you heard, but Kaley Cuoco got married again* the other night, and there are two interesting things I noticed about her wedding.

    One, that her husband's eyes are open during ~the kiss~.

    And two, that the actress from Halloweentown (AND QUINTS), and Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) seem to be some of her closest friends (Same with lady on the left, but we'll get to her later).

    See? Kimberly J. Brown (star of Halloweentown), and Lacey Sorbet are standing next to each other in multiple pictures celebrating their friend's wedding!!!

    And they even attended pre-wedding festivities together!

    Also, they both uploaded pics at her wedding and used captions that included words like "we" and "love you."

    And because I felt the need to understand this friendship, I decided to research a bit further and it turns out KJB AND LACEY DID BROADWAY TOGETHER AS WEE KIDS. Hence their friendship.

    And idk how the other friendships formed but this is a squad if I ever saw one!!!! That's Beverley Mitchell on the left!

    And you might have also realized by now that this lady on the right is in many a' pic with them (remember I said we'd get to her later, well later is now!!)

    And perhaps like me five minutes ago, you recognize her but just can't put your finger on it.

    Well, don't worry, I've figured it out for you!!! She's the other sister from 8 Simple Rules.


    As is Ali Fedotowsky from The Bachelorette, who also apparently also hangs out with them a lot!!


    So yeah, this post was just to prove that Kaley Cuoco is basically the Taylor Swift of 2018. And also that her wedding was full of people that I didn't know she was friends with before today. For example, these people:

    1) Lacey Chabert

    2) Kimberly J. Brown

    3) Ali Fedowski

    4) Beverley Mitchell

    An also, this again: