All The Things You Can Fit In Anne Hathaway’s Giant Pants

Lost anything recently? Check Anne’s pants.

1. These are Anne Hathaway’s GIGANTUAN PANTS.

Fameflynet Pictures

2. As I mentioned directly above, they are HUGE.

Fameflynet Pictures

3. It has been scientifically proven that they can fit 15 foot long subway sandwiches and four 6-inch ones.

4. 11 spatulas:

5. 6 Chihuahua puppies:

6. Two large pumpkins and 14 small pumpkins:

7. Four family sized bags of tostitos SCOOPS:

8. Two Kristen Chenoweth’s:

9. And the entire state of Rhode Island:

10. No word on yet what lives under the hat.

Fameflynet Pictures

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