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19 Absolutely Necessary Products For Lazy People

Life is short. Don't waste time not napping.

1. This hair dryer stand:

Your arms are fragile and do not need to lift this heavy hot wind blowing machine.

2. This toilet paper extender:

Nothing worse than the ol' lean-and-drip.

3. Remote-slash-bottle-opener:

Because who even knows what important TV moments you could miss on your journey to find a bottle opener.

4. A self-turning ice cream cone:

This ice cream spins by itself so your tongue doesn't have to do all the heavy licking.

5. These prism glasses:

No one should have to be forced to sit upright while reading or watching TV.

6. A snowball maker: / Via

Is it too much to ask that we form our OWN snowballs? Yes. It is.

7. Canned sandwiches:

It's a sandwich, but without any of the physical sandwich making labor!

8. This dog poop contraption:

Saves you all the energy you were about to exert bending over to pick up the poop!

9. This toilet lid pedal:

Take THAT, every man ever!! Hahahahha.


No one should be expected to actually move their wrist in a circular motion while holding a spoon.

11. Pillow ties:

Any time you're wearing a tie is the perfect time to take a nap.

12. This popcorn-maker that shoots it straight into your mouth: / Via

As God and nature intended.

13. This toilet paper holder:

All you do is put the roll on the thingy and pull. None of those extra steps to remove the tubey thing and the springy thing and the other things.

14. This laser cat toy:

How do animals have so much energy? Harness it for your own enjoyment.

15. This extendable fork:

The only thing better than eating food is eating other peoples' food.

16. These electric shoes:


17. These sauce-dispensing chopsticks:

What kind of snobby overachiever wastes time ~pouring~ soy sauce.

18. This stand for your tablet/e-reader:

To make pre-bedtime Candy Crush a snap.

19. A baby mop outfit:

Put your baby to good use, AT LAST.