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19 Absolutely Necessary Products For Lazy People

Life is short. Don't waste time not napping.

1. This hair dryer stand:

2. This toilet paper extender:

3. Remote-slash-bottle-opener:

4. A self-turning ice cream cone:

5. These prism glasses:

6. A snowball maker:

7. Canned sandwiches:

8. This dog poop contraption:

9. This toilet lid pedal:


11. Pillow ties:

12. This popcorn-maker that shoots it straight into your mouth:

13. This toilet paper holder:

14. This laser cat toy:

15. This extendable fork:

16. These electric shoes:

17. These sauce-dispensing chopsticks:

What kind of snobby overachiever wastes time ~pouring~ soy sauce.

18. This stand for your tablet/e-reader:

19. A baby mop outfit: