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A Ton Of Random Famous People Sang Farewell To Chelsea Handler

She's got a lot of friends.

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Last night Chelsea Handler gathered about 3,000 of her closest friends to send her off to Netflix. They did it "We Are The World Style" both in format and literal music.

The crowd was filled with people, some that you probably forgot were even alive. Look, there's Nev from Catfish. And Tim Allen! And Joel McHale! And Wiz Khalifa! And Miley!

And Dane Cook! And Kathy Griffin! And Chloe Moretz!

And Selena Gomez hugging Vanessa Hudgens, and Allison Janney, and Anna Farris.

But wait! There's more. Because Kate Beckinsale was also there, and Naya Rivera and Diablo Cody.

And Alanis Morissette sang while LeAnn Rimes bowed down to her.

And Avril Lavigne began her comeback.

And Gerard Butler showed off his vocal talents by singing about Chelsea's sex life.

And seriously SO MANY MORE PEOPLE were there that I did not name. Here's the entire performance:

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