50 Cent Finally Reveals Why That Pitch Went Horribly Wrong

Plus 16 other things we learned from his Reddit AMA.

1. This is why that pitch was terrible:

2. He has no idea what Pokemon are:

3. Simplicity is key:

4. Even when it comes to sandwiches:

5. He likes chicken on his pizza:

6. He can lift.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

7. He has his own plans for Iggy Azalea’s butt:

8. He’s a ginger ale type of guy:

9. He’d kick 100 duck sized horses asses:

10. He has high movie career hopes:

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

11. He likes short shorts:

12. He gives back:

13. Even he is probably sick of his own song:

14. We can all hope for a Snoop/50 Cent Captain Crunch commercial in the future:

15. He doesn’t eat raw fish…

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

17. It’s “my cross”

18. And he gives sage advice:

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