26 Totally Unnecessary Things To Buy When You Win The Lottery

The Mega Millions jackpot is at $540 million dollars. When you win here are things you should buy that are a total waste of money, but WHO CARES, YOU’RE RICH!

1. 1. The Herbeau Dagobert Toilet for $11,298.40

Because you need a wooden toilet-throne.

2. 2. Gold and Jeweled Monopoly Board for $2 Million

Because a foldable cardboard monopoly board doesn’t cut it.

3. 3. Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition for $114,464

Safety tip: lock this bike up at night.

4. 4. Montecristi Panama Straw Hat for $100,000

Because every rich person needs a good hat.

5. 5. Densuke watermelon for $6,100

Because regular watermelon just isn’t expensive enough.

6. 6. Gold and Diamond Sauce Pan for $155,000

For glazing your Karats.

7. 7. The Crystal Ergoripado Vacuum for $19,200

Since you will probably still be vacuuming your own floors.

8. 8. Red Diamond Bathtub for $47,000

This can go right next to the wooden toilet for some great bathroom Fung shui.

9. 9. Fishing Lure for $1 Million

You know the old saying, diamonds are a fish’s best friend.

10. 10. Crocodile Skin Umbrella for $50000

Sold in Walgreens everywhere on the moon.

11. 11. Zafiro Iridium Razor for $100,000

Blades made from sapphires to soothe your rich face.

12. 12. iPhone 4 Case in solid gold for 10,000

Because you’re worth it.

13. 13. Solid Gold Playing Cards for $5,167

Play poker…with the cards!

14. 14. The Town of Pray, Montana for $1,400,000

Because who shouldn’t own an entire town in Montana?

15. 15. Air Jordan Silver Shoe for $60,000

If you wear them 60,000 times it’s only $1 dollar per time.

16. 16. This Pigeon for $328,000

Because Pigeons are a very rare animal, worth every penny.

17. 17. Diamond Laptop Sleeve for $11 Million

Plus Fur

18. 18. Diamond Encrusted Steak Knife for $15,000

For use only to cut Filet Mignon. This is not a joke.

19. 19. Diamond Encrusted Computer Mouse for $25,693

Because whatever mouse you are using now should be thrown away.

20. 20. Oscheriyori Lunch Box for $229,000

After you eat the sushi inside, this is a great practical lunch box to bring to work everyday.

21. 21. McQueen Le Mans Suit for $984,000

Because this is your Halloween costume for 2012.

22. 22. Diamond Encrusted Bluetooth Headset for 50,000

Because this will definitely make bluetooth’s cool.

23. 23. Diamond dog collar for $3.2 million

Nothing says “I love my dog” better than a collar worth more than the entire town of Pray, Montana.

24. 24. Treetent for Kids for $50,000

This seems like it would be handy during armageddon.

25. 25. Diamond Barbie for $85,000

Just like any other barbie you played with as a child. No different at all.

26. 26. Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Chaise for $2.4 Million

Because you’ll need to use this for the therapy sessions you’ll have once you realize you’ve blown all your money.

27. Grand Total: $23,444,922

That means you have $516,555,078 to spare, and can afford about 147,587,165 cans of SPAM.

Update! As of 12 PM the jackpot is now at $640 Million. That means more SPAM, yay!

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