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23 Incredibly Cultured Cats

These cats have been around the world, taken classes and studied hard to be as cultured as they are now. In .gif form!

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The Businessman / Via

Expert negotiator, in three different languages. Culture is his middle name.

The Polite Cat

Uses chopsticks properly, like a cultured cat would.

The Pianist

Tickles that ivory like an old pro.

The Dancer

Took ballroom dancing classes, can waltz with the best of them.

The Scholar

He just finished his thesis. Topic: CULTURE.

The Masseuse

Went to Sweden, learned how to massage.

The Worker

Knows the trials and tribulations of sweat shops.

The Traveler

Speaks Italian. Cosa Vuoi?

The Gardener

Learned how to garden while visiting Croatia.

The Strategist

Knows books. Military books.

The Athlete

Trained in Japan.

The Rastafarian

What? Ohhh. Yeah. Mon.

The Botanist

Knows the difference between roses and poison ivy, as taught in Spain.

El Conquistador

Speaks spanish.

The AristoCAT

Like I said, the AristoCAT

The Techie

Apprenticed with Steve Jobs himself.

The City Slicker

He's from Brooklyn, Fuhgeddaboudit

The Musician

He's a classical guitarist.

The Chef

Sushi chef extraordinaire, also knows karate. Cultured.

The Well-Mannered Cat

Learned at a young age pasta is not finger food. It's slurping food. Cultured.

The Super-Nanny

Learned everything she knows from Mary Poppins, queen of culture.

The Food Critic

Traveled around the world tasting foods with Anthony Bourdain. Culture is in his blood.

The Needler

Learned how to embroider while in India.

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