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    19 Reasons Lisa Rinna Is Gravely Underrated On Twitter

    We need more tweeters like her, can't you see that?!?!

    1. First of all, she shares her happiness secrets:

    2. And she is not afraid to confess to us, her tweeple:

    3. Because she enlightens us on massive babies coming out of vajay jays:

    4. And she uses the "Ü" even when there's no reason for it, but it really spices the whole tweet up.

    5. Because she's not afraid to throw shade at Heidi Klum:

    6. Because she makes us aware of when she's standing naked on her balcony:

    7. And she's a hashtag pro, #nomoretramps.

    8. Because she talks to raccoons:

    9. Because she apologizes when she knows she smells:

    10. And she keeps us up to date on her toe fungus which frankly more people should do:

    11. Because she's not afraid to dox her friends:

    12. Because she went for twenty thousand grand grand:

    13. Because she herself witnessed the biggest bird poop ever:

    14. And because she knows this about Chris Pine:

    15. Because she says things that are timely and relevant:

    16. And she's just plain old right about some things:

    17. Because she thinks about things that we all wonder:

    18. Because the mani cam is her enemy:

    19. And because she asks the real questions, the ones we've wanted the answers to for far too long: