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18 Things We Learned From "Boy Meets World"

Boy Meets World taught us pretty much everything we need to know about life. Here are 18 specific things.

1. "Topanga" is a name that can be used for a girl

2. Assigned seats are assigned for LIFE

6th grade

7-12th grade

After college

3. Celery is the most average of vegetables


Cory thought he was average, and what more to prove his average-ness than wall art of a celery stick?

4. There is a town called Tree Hill, North Carolina

Minkus Moved there

5. You will find your soulmate in sixth grade


If you don't find your soulmate in 6th grade, GOOD LUCK WITH LOVE.

6. You will have the same teacher for every year you are in school


He will be your English teacher, math teacher, history teacher, music teacher and science teacher.


Also your college professor for every course. Weird how that works out!

7. The opposite of funny = Wood

8. It's all about the hair

Girls love shawn's hair, guys are jealous of shawn's hair.

9. But never about the crimped hair

10. Or this hair. Don't do this hair.

11. Life's tough, get a helmet

Life lesson: wear a helmet as much as possible.

12. You'll be even cuter and funnier when you are older


Fancy seeing you there, Adam Scott!

13. Or not

From ladies man to...that.

14. It's O.K. to be unique

15. Got a locker at school? You'll be stuffed into it by guys that look like this

Locker stuffings, a classic high school thing that happens in real life.

16. Your teachers will let you live with them in times of need


Shawn's Guardian Mr. Turner

17. "Bromance" is a real thing. A really, real thing.

18. Mr. Feeny is the wisest man on planet earth

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