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37 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You're British

Warning: Quite sweary.

1. This dramatic intro.

2. This complaint letter.

3. This weather warning for motorists, from Surrey Police.

4. This graffiti.

5. The name of this restaurant in Chelsea.

6. This promotion by the Welsh tourist board.

7. This, the most Guardian headline of all time.

8. This eloquent protest banner.

9. And this extremely polite one.

10. This unfortunately named village.

11. And this one.

12. This text message from a mother to her son.

13. This answer on a health and safety exam.

14. This jewelry ad, spotted in a local magazine in Alabama.

15. This weirdly angry 'free stuff' sign.

16. This advertisement.

17. This photo of a riot policeman on the Isle Of Wight.

18. This poster, spotted in Newport.

19. This window display in a garden centre in Bristol.

20. This pub chalkboard.

21. This graph.

22. This pun.

23. And this one.

24. This '90s gangsta rap outfit, who have no idea there is anything amusing about their name.

25. This meditation on office life.

26. This escapade.

27. This underwhelming local news story.

28. And this one.

29. And this one.

30. And especially this one.

31. This wayward abbreviation, spotted in Tesco.

32. This unfortunate juxtaposition.

33. And this one.

34. This agony-aunt letter in The Sun.

35. This planned protest, which never quite got off the ground.

36. This classified ad, which probably should have been checked before it went to press.

37. And this delighted post box.