29 Ways Your Life Could Be A Million Times Worse

Even if you’re having a perfectly rotten day today, here are a few things that you can probably be at least a little bit grateful for.

1. If this was your morning, every morning.

ID: 1110833

2. Or this.

ID: 1112560

3. And it continued like this.

ID: 1110372

4. If every breakfast time was a unique, individualized horror.

ID: 1110849

5. And your commute to work always went something like this.

ID: 1110864

6. Or this.

ID: 1112556

7. Or this.

ID: 1110895

8. If this happened to you every time you walked into a room.

ID: 1108931

9. And this happened every time you sat down.

ID: 1112550

10. If this was the outcome anytime you tried to show off your skills.

ID: 1108945

11. If this was how children reacted to you.

ID: 1108984

12. And this was what your parents thought of you.

ID: 1110042

13. If this happened every time you tried to work out.

ID: 1108998

14. And this was you at your office team-building retreat.

ID: 1109002

15. If your fundamental inability to understand how a “trust fall” works was always coming back to bite you.

ID: 1110815

16. What if you were asked to write up a cool acronym and this is what you came up with?

ID: 1109237

17. Or this happened to you every time you got on a trampoline.

ID: 1109277

18. What if you forgot how to use commas at the absolute worst moments?

ID: 1109932

19. People are always saying, “Hey! Hey! Hey! Ohhhhh” when you walk by.

ID: 1110016

20. And this is what happens whenever you try to do yard work.

ID: 1110195

21. What if your phone shattered into the shape of two penises touching each other?

ID: 1110210

22. And you accidentally got a full back tattoo of Adam Duritz.

ID: 1113016

23. And this was the first and only time you attempted to make out with someone.

ID: 1113028

24. If every time you used public transportation, you perfectly matched the decor.

ID: 1110226

25. And this was your bus ride home every day.

ID: 1110911

26. But this happened to you any time you tried to drive a car instead.

ID: 1112568

27. If someone filled every doughnut you ever ate with mayonnaise.

ID: 1112553

28. If this was your experience every time you tried to get a glass of water?

ID: 1112551

29. And after all that, you found out that even your own bed in your own home wasn’t safe?

ID: 1110954

Just remember that things could be way worse. Now be grateful you’ve escaped all that. Now be this guy.

ID: 1110012

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