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The 34 Most WTF Moments Of 2015 So Far

It's shaping up to be the most WTF year on record. Time for a recap.

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1. The emergence of this kitchen appliance that turns an egg into a cylinder.

2. This agenda-setting scoop.

3. This entirely legitimate news story, which totally checks out.

4. This humanitarian disaster.

David Ramos / Getty Images

5. This commuter.

6. This historic encounter.

7. This heartrending display of collective grief.

8. This adventurer.

9. This product. / Via

Essentially a vajazzle for a cat's anus.

10. This advertising campaign.

Dude Wipes just created the best poop-themed, toilet-based TV ad in history

11. And this one.


12. This case of mistaken identity.

This kid knows how to take an opportunity and run with it

13. This unintentionally disturbing football mascot.

14. This passage from the latest book in the 50 Shades series, with its devastatingly erotic pay off.

15. This theatrical production.

16. This concept.

17. This relationship problem, which escalated quickly.

Facebook: PokeHQ / Via The Sun

18. This questionable photoshop that went viral on Facebook.

19. This person's hobby.

20. This sex toy trend.

21. This freestyle dance teacher.

22. This culinary innovation.

23. This act of censorship.

24. The headless, gutless fish that came back to life, proving beyond doubt that we live in a bleak and senseless universe.

(OK, the video was first uploaded in 2014, but it went viral this year).

25. When KFC decided to launch a burger with a pink bun in China.

KFC China

26. When a BBC presenter started using an imaginary iPad.

27. When this guest appeared on BBC News.

28. When this happened.

29. When the male "swimming sock" emerged as a beachwear trend.

Beretta / Beretta/Sims/REX Shutterstock

30. When The Guardian published this thinkpiece.

31. The revelation that Pokémon porn exists.

This is a still from a porn parody called Strokemon. / Via Woodrocket

This is a still from a porn parody called Strokemon.

32. As does Minion porn. 😕

33. M&S's unexpectedly kinky bread promotion.

34. And the discovery of the "vajankle", a sex toy for foot fetishists.