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27 People Who Have Absolutely No Idea What They're Doing

Shout-out to incompetents everywhere.

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1. This guitarist.

2. These boxers punching themselves in the face.

3. This skateboarder.

4. And this one.

5. This fox on a trampoline.

6. And this one sliding down a conveyor belt.

Duncan Usher/Minden/solent

7. These people at the gym.

8. This dog.

9. This canoeing Dad.

10. This clubber.

11. This coach trying to do the "heart hands" gesture.

12. The Editor who published this map in a travel magazine.

13. Whoever assembled this not-overwhelmingly-spooky Halloween display in Sainsbury's.

14. The builders reponsible for this.

15. The baker who created this "likeness" of Alan Sugar.

16. (Quick shout-out for the genius behind this Justin Bieber cake, too).

17. This guy, mistakenly invited on to BBC News to discuss music piracy.


He'd just been in reception, waiting to be interviewed for an IT job. They'd gotten him mixed up with someone else.

18. These women from stock photographs struggling to drink water.


19. These sportsmen trying and failing to greet each other.

20. This fork lift truck driver.

21. This gymnast.

22. And this one.

23. This catwalk model.

24. Arsene Wenger trying to find his right-hand pocket.

25. This DJ.

26. This kangaroo.

27. And Boris Johnson.

HANDOUT / Reuters