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BuzzFeed France Trolled BuzzFeed Germany Hard During Eurovision

Behold, the sickest of burns.

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BuzzFeed France basically spent the whole of Eurovision 2016 doling out shade on Twitter - and the UK did not escape unscathed.

Hey @BuzzFeedUK even your queen supports #FRA

However, they reserved their greatest disdain for Germany's entry.

.@BuzzFeedGermany WTF are you guys doing ???

BuzzFeed Germany tried to fight back...

Hey @BuzzFeedFrance! 2000 called. It wants its music back.


.@BuzzFeedFrance singing a song about the melody of your song seems a bit... meta?

Only to be stream-rollered by this truly devastating comeback.

.@BuzzFeedGermany Talk to us when your candidate doesn’t look like a Pokemon

@BuzzFeedFrance @BuzzFeedGermany


@BuzzFeedFrance @BuzzFeedGermany that escalated quickly