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    19 American Obsessions That British People Just Don't Get

    It's not that we disapprove. We're just slightly baffled.

    1. Disney princes and princesses.

    In the U.S., the stuff of endless Tumblr tributes and Reddit memes. Over here: just some cartoon films you watched as a kid and dimly remember.

    2. Extreme snacking.


    3. "Bros."

    Just as a concept. We have "ladz" and geezers and rugger buggers, but it's not quite the same thing.

    4. Red cups.


    For us, the point of a party is to get drunk as quickly as possible. The colour of the drinking vessel is not important.

    5. NASCAR.

    6. Tailgate parties.


    Come get wasted in a car park? Sure. It's just... Sounds a little bleak, that's all.

    7. High school yearbooks.


    Are you sure you want to remember all of these people for the rest of your life?

    8. Lawyers, everywhere.


    According to the most recent study, there are 1.2 million practicing lawyers in the U.S. That's one lawyer for every 257 Americans.

    9. Electoral campaigns that go on forever.

    What is a caucus, please? And when does this thing start getting interesting?

    10. Putting foodstuffs inside other foodstuffs.

    11. Pie.

    Apple, pumpkin, etc. Yes, pie is nice but calm down, chaps.

    12. Light beer.


    We're getting drunk here. Who's counting calories?

    13. Cronuts.

    Don't these people have jobs or families? RT @AndyBCampbell The #cronut line from above in soho: this must end

    Scott Bixby


    Don't these people have jobs or families? RT @AndyBCampbell The #cronut line from above in soho: this must end

    / Via

    14. Kale.

    15. Moaning about kale.


    16. Molly.

    We have that over here. Except we call it MDMA, and we don't go on about it.

    17. The notion of this as an acceptable Halloween costume somehow.

    18. Tipping. Endless tipping.

    19. Unburdening oneself emotionally.

    So, yes. You confuse us, America. But it doesn't mean we don't love you.

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