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48 Reasons It's Great To Be British (Yes, Really)

It's OK, you can admit it. You're allowed to be proud.

1. We have zero respect for authority

2. Sure, we have a royal family, but we humiliate them at every turn

3. We make them look creepy in photos

4. We force them to perform tedious tasks

Always with the digging

5. And then we wonder why The Queen always looks so unimpressed with us

6. Politicians don't get it any easier. When David Cameron joined Twitter, this is how the nation responded

7. So... this whole thing turned out quite well, didn't it?

Jae C. Hong / AP

8. In fact, let's just take a little moment to remember

Luke Macgregor / Reuters
Pawel Kopczynski / Reuters
Morry Gash / AP
Dylan Martinez / Reuters
Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

9. On the subject of sporting heroes, it's pretty cool that our greatest cyclist is a mod who loves Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Jam

Getty Images

You want to know how brilliantly British Bradley Wiggins is?

Stephane Mahe / Reuters

When he won Olympic Gold, the BBC asked him how he planned to celebrate. This was his response

10. OK, are we ready to talk comedy now? Where to start? How about Peep Show?

11. And here, have some Alan Partridge in your face

12. The Office, obviously

13. The League Of Gentlemen channeled the darkest and freakiest corners of the British psyche

14. Let's not forget The IT Crowd

Yes, yes, technically written by an Irishman, but still.

15. Speaking of cult British humour, did we mention "Withnail And I"?

16. In fact, we British do a good line in rakish screen icons. Take this guy, for example

17. And, to a lesser extent, this guy

18. And not to brag, but British actors, from Hugh Laurie to Kit Harington to Damian Lewis, are completely owning US TV right now

19. Can we talk music? Here are a few things that should make you delighted to be British

20. This frontman

21. This drummer

22. This singer-songwriter

23. This band

24. This album

25. This song

26. And, most of all, this God among men

27. Other British heroes, beyond music? How about Alan Turing, the father of computer science, whose codebreaking skills helped win World War II

28. This chap is worthy of your admiration

Via http://Photo%20via%20BBC

29. So's this one

30. This bloke's all right too, we suppose

31. So's this one

32. Also, just look at this ridiculously cool World War II fighter pilot. What a dude.


His name is Francis Mellersh, and he remained in the RAF for another 30 years after this photo was taken.

33. The thing is, a lot of our heroes are lovably flawed. For example, the guy who wrote this

Fifteen years later, wrote this

34. And the guy who played drums on this

Later provided the voiceover for this

35. Other things to make your heart swell? Well, this goes without saying

36. Our music festivals are famous the world over

37. In fact they're so good we'll put up with all manner of horrendous hardships, all in the name of a drunken good time

38. Our press, for all its flaws, is the liveliest you'll find anywhere. In most countries, newspaper front pages look like this

39. Ours look like this

40. Meanwhile, our magazines have the most arresting cover lines

41. And our local newspapers have the most hard-hitting exclusives

Via http://Reddit

42. We're understandably proud of our rich and varied history

43. But we're wise enough to know when to defer to other cultures

44. We're fond of a drink, it's true

Almost to a fault, some might say

45. And yes, OK, sometimes as a nation we can be a tiny bit shambolic

46. But we're basically decent people. When rioters rampaged across London in 2011, we didn't boil over with anger. We responded like this

47. We're realistic about our place in the world. You have to be, when THIS guy is Mayor of your capital city

48. Fundamentally, we're happy with who we are. We're self-deprecating, and cynical, and we never, ever take ourselves too seriously

So go on, say it after me. It's OK. Really. It'll be our secret

There, that wasn't so difficult now, was it?

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