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    93 Things You Might Have Missed In Season 2 Of "BoJack Horseman"

    This show is one of the smartest around. Probably a couple of spoilers.

    1. A coyote running after a roadrunner.

    2. These actors playing each other.

    3. Lu-seal Ball.

    4. And Marlin Brando.


    5. And Maggot Gyllenhaal.

    6. Of course you’d have fries with Cat Sup.

    7. This discovery of a surprise descendant.

    8. The titles on Princess Carolyn's books: How to Kill a Mockingbird, 50 Shades of Russian Blue, Little Kitties, Of Mice and Men, The Great Catsby, The Old Manx and the Sea, and The Cat of Monte Cristo.

    9. This perfect adjustment.


    10. Parrotmount Studios.

    11. This catering company, a play on the classic ’90s game.

    12. Need movers? Call Ewe Haul.

    13. “The Birth of Venus” with an elephant.

    14. Mice Krispies cereal!

    15. This place is located in the San FURnando valley.

    16. All the scrolling news stories from the Hank Hippopopalous episode.

    17. Then, this headline scrolls, in the next scene.

    And two episodes later...

    18. This utterly perfectly written parody.

    19. Check out that “must be this tall” sign.

    20. Foxes and foxholes.

    21. This is the office of the agent who died of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Between all those classic novels is a book simply titled Butts.

    22. This adult magazine advertises “hot chixxx: more fowl less feathers.”

    23. This magazine cover about The Thing We Don't Talk About Any More.

    24. Ideas on a board in the back: “All male reboot of Hocus Pocus called [crossed out] Hocus Brocus, Brocus Pocus.”

    25. This perfect T-shirt design, which you probably did notice, but is still excellent.

    26. This article about the bad horse puns in Horsin’ Around is filled with bad horse puns.

    27. This storefront advertises — in Spanish — that the staff speaks English.

    28. BoJack’s pager is by Mootorola.

    29. Henry Winkler lets this ferret return to her group of ferrets.

    Which of course, is a business of ferrets.

    30. Jamba Juice = Black Mamba Juice.

    31. The list of Todd's ideas.


    32. A panda-mime.

    33. There’s a pool shark in this bar.

    34. A service dog leading the blind.

    35. Shoe brands you can buy at Lady Footlocker: Timberwolf (instead of Timberland), Under Otter (instead of Under Armour).

    36. As well as Newt Balance.

    37. And Armadidas. (Also note that other employee's name — S. Lugo. Slug-o.)

    38. A perfect explanation of puberty.

    39. Bunny Ver. BUNNY VER. BUNNY VER.

    40. That street art pokes fun at Shepard Fairey's OBEY.

    41. The fact that the average rainfall in Bora Bora is about 7 inches.

    42. Note the brand on this otter's pants — Squishy. Kind of like Juicy, as in Juicy Couture.

    43. It looks like BoJack uses Mane 'n Tail shampoo.

    44. Mr. Peanutbutter’s bed is shaped like a dog bed, and he also has a dog bowl on his bedside table.

    45. This mosquito is feeding on his human friend.

    46. The title of this magazine is Couch Surfer.

    47. This magazine cover in episode 7.

    48. Every single song here.

    49. This lineup of buildings is pretty hilarious: Alcoholics Anonymous, a bar, Child Care Center, Guns, and Skin Heads Anonymous.

    50. These buildings: All also very good.

    51. The note on these glow sticks: "Not for normal children under 8 years old, or cool children under 5 years of age."

    52. Local honey vs. distant honey.

    53. Notice Rutabaga’s bonzai plant? There’s a very zen carrot in there.

    54. Absolutely everything on this fake Starbucks menu.

    55. Also in the fake Starbucks, there are dog bone treats available.

    56. Instead of MGM, it’s MMM.

    57. Episode 4 sees Todd make this comparison about people he looks like.

    58. In the first season, Todd was actually briefly the face of Guten Bourbon.

    59. And obviously, in episode 7, Todd swaps places with the real Prince of Cordovia.

    60. The name of Princess Carolyn’s building is Tabbywood.

    61. There’s a copy of Clawsmopolitan in Princess Carolyn’s car.

    62. These cat-ified versions of classic movies in Princess Carolyn's apartment.

    63. Mr. Peanutbutter’s license plate.

    64. Instead of Aquafina brand water, it's Aquafiend.

    65. Crylon spray paint-->Flylon. Windex-->Winducks. Pine-Sol-->Porcu-Pine Sol.

    66. This panda works for "Shoots & Leaves Cable Service."

    67. This "in/out" sign at Vanity, er, Manatee Fair is also super funny.

    68. Notice the Catue of Liberty.

    69. In the hospital, there’s a poster educating patients about moles.

    70. Also in the hospital, a lion with a thorn in his paw, just like the fable by Aesop.

    71. Also this poster for safe sex. (Plus that trucker hat that just says “trucks.”)

    72. There are many pictures of butts in Mr. Peanutbutter’s home. Is that because dogs know each other by their butt smells?

    73. The bees at this party have cocktails with flowers to feed on.

    74. This perfect sign.

    75. This fucking banner.

    76. And this one.

    77. And this one.

    78. The famed Chateau Marmont becomes the Chateau Marmoset.

    79. The Goodnight Moon reference in this painting.

    80. In Episode 11, there are multiple setups for deer puns that are suddenly cut off, like "go stag" here.

    And "bucks" here.

    81. This street is called “La Di Da Lane.”

    82. Doesn’t take a genius to see why those gazelles don’t want to be near the only lion juror.

    83. The title of this sitcom script, "Fat Guy Hot Wife."

    84. Mr. Peanutbutter avoiding the vacuum cleaner.

    85. The name of this airline is Panda Am.

    86. And while that ad looks like a Virgin plane, it's actually "Celibate" airlines.

    87. This painting pokes fun at the classic painting "Dogs Playing Poker."

    88. The title of this painting: "Glowing Fuzzy Nonsense."

    89. "Slender Wheets."

    90. Some Santa Fe businesses include Bean Me Up Cafe, Bed Bath & Rocks, and Cacti R Us.

    91. Books in the replica of Nixon's office include 1001 Crook Tips and How to be President.

    92. Diane pins up a magazine article — 36 Journalists Under 36. Remember how she's kind of bummed on turning 35?

    93. Finally, the first episode of the first season, in the finale of Horsin' Around.

    And the finale of the second season.