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23 Incredibly Disrespectful Things People Did To Food In 2015

This year was a disaster from start to finish.

1. Ice cubes in cereal.

2. Orange juice in cereal.

3. Honestly, no one knows how to eat cereal.

4. People ate pizza like this.

5. Or like this, for some unknowable goddamn reason.

6. Some people ate kiwis like this, possibly because they've never known love.

7. People ate wings like this.

8. This happened.

9. Apparently, cheese is complicated.

10. Admittedly, this does look quite nice, but it still looks pretty damn weird.

11. Some people did this to a defenceless orange.

12. This is a lemon. An actual lemon.

13. Something... odd has happened to these grapes as well.

14. It's all a horror show.

15. Pasta and ketchup. I mean, really, 2015 was a shitshow from start to finish.

16. This is not OK.

17. Neither is this.

18. It's not something anyone should be encouraging.

19. This darkness has happened as well.

20. And finally, the people who do this.

21. Wait, no, not finally, because there's still all of this shit.

22. And this.

23. And, of course, this.

Practically a whole cuisine now.