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31 Photos That Will Make You More Uncomfortable Than They Should

Can you get through this post without feeling very odd?

1. Actual hand soap.

2. Meat Justin Bieber.

3. This cat's haircut is just not necessary.

4. A triangular elevator.

5. A shop that lets you test all the types of toilet paper it sells.

6. Though it's better than just making it black.

7. Black cotton swabs.

8. This all-mustard vending machine. ALL-MUSTARD vending machine.

9. An exit sign in lowercase for no apparent reason.

10. This blonde Harry Styles who is clearly a demon.

11. Horizontally sliced bread.

12. This face swap that should never have been allowed to happen.

13. This lovely, refreshing can of root beer being drunk in a completely normal way.

14. This face painting.

15. This is straight-up worrying.

16. This chair and its Cheeto dust.

17. Kylie Jenner's fingers.

18. Whatever is going on here.

19. This pool just hanging out over the street.

20. Sesame Street being made.

21. This muffin-hamster hybrid that laughs in the face of God.

22. This legitimate banknote with an upside-down flag.

23. This fucking missing brick.

24. These students holding the textbook they're appearing on.

25. And this would not help you relax at the dentist.

26. No. Why are you doing this?

27. I mean, come ON.

28. This is not suitable for kids.

29. A toothbrush without the brush.

30. This Oreo is backward.

31. This travesty.