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19 Secrets Television Runners Will Never Tell You

We're all extras in our spare time.

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1. Sitting down is literally a privilege.

On some sets, it's frowned upon for runners to be seen sitting down. So when you have your own chair, you know you've made it.

2. Quite often, we haven't read the script for what we're shooting.

We just figure it out as we go along.


5. We call our toilets "honeywagons", and when we need to go we say we're "going 10-1."

They're basically posh festival loos which are parked close to set. And they smell exactly as you would imagine.

8. And the amount of carbs we consume because of crew catering and craft will probably kill us.

We start the job "healthy" and end up knee-deep in bacon, inhaling carbs and eating dessert with dinner every single day.


9. Outdoorsy clothing is sort of cool in this world.

And you get extra points if your gillet is over 500 fill down and your North Face has something like "X-Men Crew 2011" stitched on the arm.

10. And Sharpies are really important.

Films fall apart if these run out. Seriously: We use them for everything.

11. Aside from being soul-destroyingly rich, producers are actually pretty normal.

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Actors can be demanding, directors can be eccentric, and producers are loaded. But they all struggle in the mornings, drink builder's brews, and work really long hours. So it's kind of OK.

12. And wrap parties are actually pretty uneventful.

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Someone gets with someone they shouldn't, the lead actors have a dance off, and the quiet lady from Accounts is sick everywhere. Our office parties are exactly the same as yours.


13. We’ve all been an extra at some point.

And we often get our friends and family involved.

15. If we're on a big job, we might not be able to see you for 6 months.

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And if we're on nights, we're basically dead to you. But there are other times we won't have work, and we'll be endlessly free to hang out.

16. The on-set nurse is basically our work mum.

They're vital for reassuring hugs and curing our hangovers.


18. We might be runners in the daytime, but we do a million things outside of work too.

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We probably also direct shorts on the side, spend time writing our first feature films, DJ at the weekend, dabble in stand-up comedy, and produce music videos. Our ambitions lie far further than our jobs.