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    39 Products That'll Make Your Next Shower The Best One Of Your Life

    Don't just "take a shower," give yourself a ~spa day~ every time you step inside your bathroom.

    1. An exfoliating shower mitt, so you can encourage dead skin to go gently into that good night instead of sticking around and getting all itchy and flaky. Softer than a regular ol' loofah, yet still super effective, reviewers say it’s excellent even for sensitive skin.

    2. A bag of 12 citrus shower steamers that’ll help you get your morning started right — or help pep you up at the end of a long day if you’re a shower-at-night kind of person. Nothing transforms a plain shower into a Capital-E Experience like a refreshing cloud of orange, lemon, or grapefruit essential oils.

    Reviewer's photo of a hand holding three wrapped shower steamers in the scents Cacao Orange, Grapefruit, and Citrus

    3. And a cute lil' bamboo shower steamer tray that’ll extend the life of your fave steamers, so you can keep enjoying them again… and again… and again…

    The bamboo shower steamer trays in both the round and square shapes

    4. A handy and relaxing foot scrubber, because your tootsies definitely deserve a little TLC. This neat-o accessory comes equipped with both soft inner bristles to provide a soothing massage and stiff outer ones to exfoliate and soften rough skin and calluses.

    A foot using the scrubber

    5. A big ol’ bundle of fresh eucalyptus that’ll turn every shower you take into a spa-like experience. Hang it from your showerhead and it’ll release its essential oils each time you run the water. Mmmm. How refreshing.

    A bundle of the fresh eucalyptus hanging in a shower

    6. A bottle of in-shower moisturizer from Jergens that’ll effortlessly streamline your morning routine. Just slap some of this stuff on when your skin is still damp in the shower, pat dry once you get out, and you’ll be all hydrated and ready to start your day.

    7. A mountable, waterproof phone holder, so you can catch up on your Netflix backlog while you lather up. Good for phones up to 6.8 inches in size, this so-cool-you-didn’t-know-you-needed-it pick features an anti-fog front and touchscreen compatibility. Heck yes.

    Reviewer's photo of the holder with a cell phone inside of it in a shower

    8. A collagen-coating hair protein treatment that’ll breathe life back into parched or damaged strands. Both super affordable and super effective, this deeply nourishing treatment is formulated with soy protein extract, allantoin, and ceramide 3 to give your locks the babying they need.

    A review photo of their hair before and then after two uses, showing less drizzy hair

    9. A Zadro towel warmer, because you are 100% worthy of experiencing the joys of wrapping yourself in a cozy, warm towel after each and every shower. A splurge? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

    A person taking a towel our of the warmer

    10. A vibrating scalp massaging brush from Vitagoods that’ll level up your shampoo game in a big, big way. Not only will it stimulate your scalp and help nix dead skin cells and buildup, it’ll also feel absurdly luxurious. Reviewers say it's particularly good for folks with curly and natural hair, btw!

    11. An in-shower wineglass holder, because you have not lived until you’ve enjoyed sipping on your favorite tipple — alcoholic or non! — while deep conditioning your hair. Oh, and guess what? It can do double-duty as an upside-down shampoo and conditioner bottle holder for easy dispensing. Who doesn’t love a good multitasker?

    12. An adorable little water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, so you can rock out while you suds up – or catch up on your podcasts, or fill your bathroom with soothing atmospheric sounds, or whatever else floats your boat. It’ll last for up to 12 hours of use on a single charge, too, making it as good for, say, outdoor adventures like hiking as it is for shower time entertainment.

    13. A gorgeous fabric shower curtain with an understated geometric design, because nothing spices up a tired shower situation like a new curtain. This bb even has a resin-coated backing, so it’ll stand up to whatever your shower can throw at it — and look darn good doing it, too.

    Reviewer's photo of the shower curtain in the color White

    14. Or, a shower curtain liner with a whopping nine pockets, so you can keep all your lotions, potions, and other bath time essentials close at hand. Whether you use it on its own or as a liner for a decorative outer curtain, it’s a surefire way to keep the inside of your shower from devolving into a precarious pile of bottles and loofahs.

    The mesh pocket shower curtain hanging around a claw foot tub

    15. OR, a space-efficient hanging mesh caddy for those looking for a more compact shower storage solution. With two large pockets and six smaller ones, it still packs plenty of organizational punch despite having a smaller footprint.

    A customer review photo of the shower curtain caddy

    16. A bottle of L’Occitane’s almond-powered shower oil that’ll perform a shower time magic trick you have to see to believe. It starts as an oil — but when you get it wet and work it a bit, it lathers up into a sweetly-scented foaming body cleanser that’ll leave you with absurdly soft skin. Abracadabra!

    The shower oil

    17. A bottle of Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, so your gray, lightened, or decolored locks can keep their color, minus any brassiness. Purple shampoos work wonders for keeping yellow tones out of your hair — and this one? It’s one of the best. Over 25,000 5-star ratings can’t be wrong, right?

    18. A pair of reusable soap and lotion dispensers so classy, you might just trick yourself into thinking your bathroom belongs to a swanky hotel. Made of glass and stainless steel, they look a lot more expensive than they actually are — and they’re so good at what they do that once you decant your favorite shampoos and such into them, you’ll never think about going back to regular ol’ plastic bottles again.

    A customer review photo of four soap dispensers in their shower.

    19. A set of ridiculously plush hotel-quality towels, while we’re playing make-believe inside the upscale hotel bathroom of your dreams. Thick and soft, yet still fast-drying, these 100% Turkish cotton are the ultimate in shower time luxury.

    20. A jar of yummy-smelling sugar scrub, because yes, getting rid of dead skin can, in fact, be an enjoyable experience. Handmade and fueled by avocado and olive oils, essential and fragrance oils, and — naturally — sugar, this scrub gently exfoliates while simultaneously moisturizing and releasing any number of delightful scents (your choice, of course!).

    A jar of their Bora Bora scrub

    21. A bottle of Wet and Forget shower cleaner, so you can revel in the joys of a squeaky clean shower every time you hop in — without having to spend hours scrubbing all the time. Once a week, just spray the whole thing down with this stuff after you’re done showering, let it sit overnight, and rinse it off the next day. It’ll do all the mold- and mildew-fighting for you. Magic!

    A series of customer review photos of the progress of their tile shower floors before and then after one, two, and three applications

    22. A two-pack of DrainWigs that’ll keep your drains clear and make ‘em cute at the same time. Do you shed a lot? Me, too. Plop one of these daisy-shaped devices in your drain, though, all those stray strands will get snagged on the chain attached to the base of the thing instead of, y’know, clogging up your pipes (ew). Adorable and functional? Yes, please!

    23. A pair of Original Wet Brushes to make detangling your freshly-washed hair pain-free. These specially-designed brushes glide through wet hair without causing breakage or damage. No snags or tugs here!

    24. Or, a classic Denman hair brush truly essential for brush styling curly hair. With nine rows of smooth, round-ended pins, it’s ideal for defining curls in 3a–4b hair — or, if you’ve got 2a, b, or c waves, it’s also built to stand up to the heat of a blow dryer.

    25. A rechargeable facial cleansing brush that’ll pamper every inch of your face. The soft silicone bristles are gentle on your mug while still effectively scrubbing away dirt, oil, and makeup — and with five speeds to choose from, it’s suitable for a variety of needs and skin types.

    A customer review photo of them holding the facial brush in purple

    26. A bottle of benzoyl peroxide-powered face and body wash from Dr. Song that’ll help make bacne or body breakouts a thing of the past. Even though it packs 10% benzoyl peroxide, don’t be fooled into thinking it’ll be harsh on your skin — it’s designed to be non-irritating, too.

    27. A ludicrously soft bath mat, so you can feel like you’re walking on an actual cloud every time you step out of the shower. Non-skid and machine-washable, it’ll be a hit with both your toes and your pet.

    28. A bar of African Black Soap, because why struggle with breakouts or other skin ailments if you don’t have to? Formulated with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa pods, this pick can help ease everything from acne and run-of-the-mill dry skin to eczema and psoriasis.

    29. A lovely beeswax blend candle that’ll fill your bathroom with the soothing scent of lavender and geranium while you gently rinse away the stresses of the day. This pick burns for up to 65 hours, too, so, y’know, even if you’re super stressed, you’ll be able to turn your bathroom into a spa-tastic sanctuary for ages.

    The relax candle

    30. A tube of First Aid Beauty’s KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub to help exfoliate every last inch of your skin without irritating it. With both AHAs — namely glycolic and lactic acid — and physical exfoliants (little pumice beads that — bonus! — are NOT microplastics), this scrub's formula does double duty clearing pores and buffing away rough skin.

    31. A bottle of L'Oreal Paris Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water that might help you get the shiniest hair you’ve ever had in your life. This fan-favorite lamellar rinse-out treatment is lightweight, yet still packs tons of moisture — and even better, it absolutely lives up to its name: You only have to leave it in for eight seconds for it to start working its magic.

    32. A Shark Tank-famous Flip-it! bottle emptying kit, so you can get every last drop of your most beloved soaps, shampoos, and treatments out with ease. Just swap the lids of your bottles with these lil’ guys — each kit comes with a variety of sizes to suit just about every kind of bottle — and then stash ‘em upside down in your shower. You’ll never waste your faves again. Mmmm. So satisfying.

    A customer review photo of three bottles upside down using the Flip-It!

    33. A fancy-schmancy shower cap good both for keeping your hair dry while you shower, if you’re a wash-every-couple-of-days person, and for helping it dry quicker when you do wash it. What makes this option different from your standard shower cap is the layers: There are three of them — a microfiber terry one on the inside, a waterproof PEVA one in the middle, and a satin one on the outside. Ooo la la.

    The shower cap with the microfiber lining exposed

    34. Some heavy-duty hard water stain remover that’ll clear up your cloudy shower door once and for all. When I say “heavy-duty,” by the way, I mean it — this stuff is commercial grade because sometimes, the standard home-use stuff just won’t cut it. It’s good for tile and grout, too!

    A customer review before and after photo showing the results of the hard water stain remover

    35. A bottle of seaweed-fueled shower gel and bubble bath from Mario Badescu, because who doesn’t like having options? Equally good for sudsing up in the shower and filling your tub with clouds of fluffy bubbles, this two-in-one gel nourishes, softens, and revitalizes skin with the aforementioned seaweed, along with sesame and carnation oils and other herbal extracts.

    A bottle of Mario Badescu's A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap.

    36. Some keratin-infused color-depositing conditioner, so you can play around with a new shade without the commitment of a full-on color treatment at the salon. It works just like your standard deep conditioner; after washing, just apply it to wet hair, let it sit for a while, and then rinse it out. Whether you’re looking to go full-on rose gold or bright green or whatever, or you just want to tone your blondes, this stuff will get the job done with minimal fuss and bother.

    37. Some therapeutic Aveeno shave gel to take the burn out of shaving, if you’re a shaving kind of person. Oats and vitamin E make this fragrance-free formula extra soothing, making it a great option for folks with sensitive skin.

    38. A tube of Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub, so you can glow like the ray of sunshine you are. Sea kelp, French green clay, lemon peel, and Madonna lily make this 100% vegan exfoliating scrub an excellent pick for livening things up if your skin has been feeling a bit dull. Time to pep that shower up!

    39. And a bottle of ultra gentle Cetaphil baby wash and shampoo that’s good for everyone, not just the littles in your life! The calendula in this cleanser’s formula soothes the most sensitive of skin, no matter what age you are.

    A bottle of Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.