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    12 Ways Disney Classics Could Have Been Totally Different

    If Disney had stayed true to the source material, these movies would have been a whole lot darker. Here are some of the more gruesome plot points that got cut.

    1. Pinocchio kills Jiminy Cricket.

    2. Snow White's Queen dances herself to death.

    3. The Little Mermaid dies.

    4. Rapunzel's Prince is blinded by thorns.

    5. Bambi is shown a dead body.

    6. Mowgli skins Shere Khan and dances on his hide.

    7. Cinderella's stepsisters lose chunks of their feet.

    8. Hercules murders Megara and their children.

    9. The Queen Mother tries to eat Sleeping Beauty's kids.

    10. Pocahontas ditches John Smith for another man.

    11. The Lost Boys almost murder Wendy.

    12. Esmeralda is put to death and Quasimodo dies with her corpse.