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    TV Characters We're Supposed To Love Hating, But Really Just Hate

    TV villains are usually a delight to watch, but sometimes they miss the mark. Here are characters we ended up wishing would just go away.

    1. Ellis from "Smash"


    A show like Smash needs conniving backstabbers to keep things interesting, but Ellis was anything but. His biggest misdeed was homicidal — trying to poison Uma Thurman with a peanut-laden smoothie — and it was still too stupid to be taken seriously. Thankfully, he has been written off the show, along with the rest of Smash's dead weight.

    2. Faye Resnick from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"


    We've already been over why real-life villain Faye Resnick is the absolute worst, so why is Bravo giving her more and more screentime? She's not nearly as engaging as Season 1 villain Camille — since redeemed as St. Camille — and she's not even as charmingly insane as medium Allison DuBois. Ever since she decided to pick a fight with Brandi, she's become irredeemable.

    3. Meg from "Supernatural"

    The CW

    I've got no beef with the O.G. Meg Masters — or rather, the demon that possessed her. But that demon has since possessed the body of a much worse actress. Now whenever she pops up on Supernatural to tussle with the Winchesters, she's an unwelcome addition. Bring back Ruby. (Katie Cassidy Ruby, obviously. Accept no substitutes.)

    4. Taylor Doose from "Gilmore Girls"

    Warner Bros.

    Ugh, Taylor Doose, the embodiment of small-town politics and useless bureaucracy. He's supposed to be the lovable thorn in Lorelai's side, but he's actually just awful. Then again, basically everyone in Stars Hollow was a pain in the ass — any chance we could live there with just Rory, Lorelai, and Luke? Send Taylor (and all the other busybodies) far, far away.

    5. Dr. House from "House"


    At some point, Gregory House transformed from charming asshole to asshole asshole. He wasn't fun mean anymore: he was just cruel and terrible and insane in the least interesting way possible. Remember when he drove a car into Cuddy's house? Hugh Laurie's devilish good looks aside, the man should have rotted in prison.

    6. Nick from "The Good Wife"


    What a mess. Fans of The Good Wife were thrilled at the opportunity to meet Kalinda's estranged husband. Then we did and wondered why we'd ever been excited. Nick was hot but useless, and he turned Kalinda into some weird martial arts sex ninja, which was somehow way less interesting than Kalinda the investigator. As with Ellis on Smash, the producers heard our cries and got rid of Nick.

    7. Tess from "Roswell"

    Warner Bros.

    Few characters have inspired the instant loathing that Tess did: Roswell fans were so enraged by her presence that they tried to have poor Emilie de Ravin deported. While most were upset that Tess broke up the Max/Liz relationship, the character's real crime was being unbelievably obnoxious. De Ravin has since redeemed herself on Lost and Once Upon a Time, but Tess scenes are still hard to watch.

    8. Oliver from "The O.C."


    First of all, you do not break up Ryan and Marissa. Second of all, you don't become a crazy stalker. So many teen dramas have fallen into this trap: life is complicated enough in high school without actually psychotics. (90210 basically does this every season.) We breathed a sigh of relief when he got sent off to rehab, but things would have been better if he'd never interfered at all.

    9. Adrianna from "90210"

    The CW

    I stopped watching 90210 for a variety of reasons, so while I can't blame Adrianna entirely, it's tempting. Through every "redemption," she remained a monster, or at least a truly unpleasant person. There were times when we were supposed to hate her and times when we were meant to feel sympathy, but she was awful no matter what. Remember when she stole a dead guy's songs? I mean, honestly.

    10. The Ryan Brothers from "Revenge"


    Great, just what Revenge needed — another useless, convoluted storyline. The Ryan brothers (Kenny and Nate) have already taken up way too much time this season, and there's no sign they're going away any time soon. Drama at the Stowaway has long been one of this show's weak points, and these guys' have only dragged it down further.

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