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    Posted on Dec 7, 2012

    The Best And Worst Ideas For Upcoming TV Adaptations Of Movies

    Bravo has heard our cries and is planning a series based on 1992 camp classic Death Becomes Her. Sadly, not all adaptation ideas are created equal.

    Good Ideas:

    These are the upcoming projects it's worth getting excited over. Sure, they could be duds, but there's potential for greatness.

    Beverly Hills Cop

    The 21 Jump Street movie proved just how much we needed a good cop action comedy. Now we're going from film to TV with CBS' Beverly Hills Cop series, which will be transformed into a gritty drama, I guess? Just kidding. This could be a lot of fun, especially since Eddie Murphy will be involved. Remember Beverly Hills Cop Eddie Murphy? You liked him.


    I wasn't so sure about this one -- there's an annoying trend toward overexplaining serial killers these days. But the NBC series about Hannibal Lecter actually seems kind of promising. It helps that Hannibal is a fascinating character, and not only because he eats people. It also helps that Hugh Dancy is involved.

    Death Becomes Her

    Let's first acknowledge and mourn the fact that we will never get another Meryl Streep-Goldie Hawn showdown. Still, a Death Becomes Her series could be a dark comic gem: two characters who can't die trying to kill each other? Think Tom & Jerry meets American Horror Story.


    Even non-comic book geeks turned out in droves for Joss Whedon's Marvel mash-up The Avengers. The much-buzzed about TV follow-up will focus on Nick Fury's secret law-enforcement agency. Because Whedon's involved, we can expect the same sharp writing that helped made the film such a critical success.

    Worst Ideas:

    While we should reserve judgment until these actually air, it's tough to see how these TV adaptations are going to work.


    Yeah, yeah, we all love Scream, but I can't be the only one who's noticed these movies tend to get worse with each new installment. MTV's proposed adaptation will surely have a very current soundtrack. Outside of that, though, how do you do a slasher story as a weekly drama? Not to mention network constraints.

    The Joneses

    Remember The Joneses, that 2009 movie you didn't see? It will soon be a Bravo TV series you won't watch. The concept is somewhat intriguing: a group of professional salespeople pretend to be a family to force product placement on suburbia. Who's going to tune in, though? And because this is Bravo, expect an onslaught of actual product placement.

    Live-Action Star Wars Series

    Guys, this is going to be bad. Really, really bad. We've been talking about a live-action Star Wars since a long, long time ago -- before we had to deal with the abomination of the new trilogy. Now that it looks inevitable, we can only hope it's less Episode I and more Clone Wars.

    Bates Motel

    With all the unnecessary sequels (and that godawful remake), hasn't Hitchcock's Psycho suffered enough? Apparently not. A&E will be airing Bates Motel, focusing on the early life of Norman Bates. Except we already know enough, don't we? And we definitely know how this story ends.

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