A Chronology Of Anna Kendrick Being Awesome

Anna Kendrick has been killing it since long before you knew who Anna Kendrick was. Here’s a brief history of her greatness.

1. 1998: She earned a Tony Award nomination at age 12.

That makes her the second youngest nominee ever. (Damn you, Daisy Eagan!)

2. 2003: She was terrifying and brilliant in Camp.

“She’s fucked, I’m ready, and the goddamn show must go on” is the clear highlight of an otherwise middling movie.

3. 2008: She made Twilight bearable.

She is the best thing in this scene. And this movie. And this franchise.

4. 2009: She gave amazing cryface.

Move over, Claire Danes, Natalie Portman, and Anne Hathaway doing an impression of Claire Danes!

5. 2009: She earned a well deserved Oscar nomination for Up in the Air.

It’s a great performance. She does more than just cry, honest.

6. 2010: She was a stellar graduation speaker.

Even though I’m pretty sure she didn’t write that.

7. 2011: She was a surprisingly good 24-year-old therapist in 50/50.

Well, she may have crossed a few boundaries. I’m not here to judge.

8. 2012: She made a not-good movie in order to pursue her indie dreams.

Sometimes Anna Kendrick has to take one for the team, guys. These are the sacrifices she makes for us.

9. 2012: She starred in the best film of the year.

Yes, Pitch Perfect is the best film of the year. Deal with it, haters.

10. 2012: She did this.

Conversation over.

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