20 Unforgettable People From YouTube

Whether you’ve seen them a million times or never seen them before, you’ll never forget them now.

1. Antoine Dodson

There is only one Antoine Dodson in this world.
The Bed Intruder Song makes this video even funnier!
By the way, Antoine Dogson is a great Halloween costume for your dog!

2. The kids from “Charlie bit my finger - again!”

Must have: two cute British kids.

3. Tay Zonday

“Chocolate Rain” is a crazy weird song. Even more notable is Tay Zonday’s deep voice.

4. The “Numa Numa” Guy

Though we’re not sure what possessed this guy to lip-sync in front of his webcam, the internet is eternally grateful.

5. Sweet Brown

Sweet Brown may be the most entertaining storyteller in the world.

6. Psy - Gangnam Style

One day, years from now, we’re going to look back and wonder why this really weird song and dance from YouTube was as popular as it was.

7. The zombie kid that likes turtles

You keep being you, bro.

8. Willie James Huff, AKA “Funky Chicken”

“Rack ‘Em Rack Willie” never got the internet attention that he deserved, coming in at about 8.5 million views to date. But make no mistake - once you’ve seen him, you will never forget him.

9. David After Dentist

Poor David is completely high from the medicine he got during dental surgery. His Dad is a very smart person for filming it!

10. Laughing Baby

The most classic laughing baby video on YouTube.

11. Chris Crocker

We will never forget your pleas to leave Britney alone, Chris.

12. Susan Boyle

Remember when someone told you that you HAD to get on YouTube and see this old woman that the judges picked on during Britain’s Got Talent? Remember how uplifting and amazing it felt to watch Susan Boyle put everyone in their places when she belted out her beautiful voice? Win.

13. Keenan Cahill

Keenan Cahill, lip-syncer extraordinaire.

14. The guy from “Unforgivable”

You know at least one person that has gone into Chick-fil-A demanding a chicken sandwich and waffle fries for free.

15. Judson Laipply

This man is a genius.

16. The worried residents of Mobile, Alabama

“Anybody here seen a leprechaun say ‘yeah!’”

17. Crying Sorority Girl

She just wanted to be in the sorority. She didn’t mean to go crazy with the fire extinguisher in the dorms. SHE JUST WANTED IT TO SNOW.

18. Scarlet

Kudos to Scarlet for taking it in stride and posting the video on YouTube in the first place!

19. The “blood” kid

This concerned little boy accidentally kicked his baby brother in the mouth, causing him to bleed. He wants you to know that there is blood, and he really wants you to take it seriously!

See the extended version of the video here.

20. “The crazy Indian music video guy that looks like George Michael”….?

This guy is the original Psy of YouTube.

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