154 Fabulous Nerdy Dog Costumes Will Make Your Day

Harry Potter? Star Wars? Freddy Krueger? Superheroes? Antoine Dogson? It gets even better.

5. Captain Jack Sparrow

“But why IS the rum always gone?!”

8. Willy Wonkas and Oompa Loompas

29. Elvis

I should have known there would be Elvis dog costumes…

35. Super Mario Bros

40. Princess Toadstool

43. Firefly

The Serenity Spaceship!

45. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Yes, that’s really a dog. She wins.

49. Batman & Robin

58. Antoine Dodson

Or should I say, Antoine Dogson

59. Justice League


Bonus cute points for the Superbaby!

61. Zombies

People can do some crazy stuff with poodle fur.

64. Transformers

76. Ghostbusters

78. Captain America

81. Hannibal Lecter

A+!!! <3 <3 <3

84. Teen Wolf



Slinging webs! Cute overload.

91. Harley Quinn


92. Star Trek

Dog Enterprise.


We should have known that Trekkies would make some awesome dog costumes.

96. The Incredible Hulk

100. Sleepy Hollow

104. The Nightmare Before Christmas

105. Freddy Krueger

114. Robin Hood

So handsome!

119. Snooki

Yes, Snooki.


LOL! That’s not Kermit, but it’s close enough!


Oh man. I’m laughing as I post these Gaga dogs…

134. The Wizard of Oz


The monkeys!!


This chihuahua definitely wins Best Actor.


“Bring out your dead!”

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