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23 Times Aubrey Plaza Gave Zero F*cks

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Sass!

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1. When she tried to booty call President Obama.

2. When she had no interest in posing for a group photo.

Parks season 7 gag reel Funny, sad, funny.

3. When she explained that her post Parks and Rec plans were TBD.

4. When she was willing to admit she's a devoted Nicolas Cage fan.

5. When she was proud to embrace her inner weirdo.

6. When she hung out with Matthew Gray Gubler while wearing a shirt covered in pictures of Drake.

“@KristaSmith: Getting ready to talk to these folks from #lifeafterbeth @evilhag @gublernation ” THANK YOU KRISTA!

(The shirt may have been a reference to this iconic tweet.)

I have a crush on Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation but things might get weird cause we have the same name

7. When she perfectly described how psycho your ~time of the month~ makes you.

8. When she laid down a very specific dating proposition.

NBC / Via

9. And then came up with a genius idea that would put it to action.

10. When she blessed the world with this frightening face swap.

me + @chrisbosh = FACEFUSION #bosh

11. When she wasn't afraid to tell Ellen that her studio was too damn cold.

NBC / Via

12. When she got a bit carried away while buying erotic party favors.

TBS / Via

13. When she took red carpet selfies to a whole new level.


14. When she wasn't even slightly impressed by Chris Pratt's favorite "April and Andy" moment.

NBC / Via

15. When she took to Twitter to respond to critical reviews of Grumpy Cat...

“@LAist: Trailer: Is Grumpy Cat's Christmas Movie Terrible Or Postmodern?” ANSWER: Its SO TERRIBLE that it's genius.


“@The_Purple_Ali: @evilhag did you literally phone your lines in for this turd?” ANSWER: character.

“@LEGOgotEGO: @evilhag Will you stop spamming my newsfeed with grumpy cat memes?” ANSWER:

16. When she did her best to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

Vanity Fair / Via

17. When she simultaneously called out Anna Kendrick for not texting her back and showed off her phenomenal photobombing skills.

@AnnaKendrick47 if you don't text me back SOON I will keep doing things like this until you pay attention to me

18. When she gave Matthew Perry an epic stare down as he talked about his Fifty Shades of Grey obsession.

CBS / Via

19. When she interrupted an interview to eat a snack.

20. When she was totally fine with getting sniffed by Jon Stewart.

Comedy Central / Via

21. When she made sure everyone was aware that the world revolves around her.

22. When she encouraged ~youths~ to march to the beat of their own drums.

23. And finally, when she saw an awards show as the perfect opportunity to call out her haters.

NBC / Via

Happy Birthday, Aubrey! Never change. ♥

TBS / Via

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