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23 Times Aubrey Plaza Gave Zero F*cks

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Sass!

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1. When she tried to booty call President Obama.

2. When she had no interest in posing for a group photo.

Parks season 7 gag reel Funny, sad, funny.

3. When she explained that her post Parks and Rec plans were TBD.

4. When she was willing to admit she's a devoted Nicolas Cage fan.


5. When she was proud to embrace her inner weirdo.

6. When she hung out with Matthew Gray Gubler while wearing a shirt covered in pictures of Drake.

“@KristaSmith: Getting ready to talk to these folks from #lifeafterbeth @evilhag @gublernation ” THANK YOU KRISTA!

(The shirt may have been a reference to this iconic tweet.)

I have a crush on Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation but things might get weird cause we have the same name

7. When she perfectly described how psycho your ~time of the month~ makes you.


10. When she blessed the world with this frightening face swap.

me + @chrisbosh = FACEFUSION #bosh


13. When she took red carpet selfies to a whole new level.


15. When she took to Twitter to respond to critical reviews of Grumpy Cat...

“@LAist: Trailer: Is Grumpy Cat's Christmas Movie Terrible Or Postmodern?” ANSWER: Its SO TERRIBLE that it's genius.



“@The_Purple_Ali: @evilhag did you literally phone your lines in for this turd?” ANSWER: character.

“@LEGOgotEGO: @evilhag Will you stop spamming my newsfeed with grumpy cat memes?” ANSWER:

17. When she simultaneously called out Anna Kendrick for not texting her back and showed off her phenomenal photobombing skills.

@AnnaKendrick47 if you don't text me back SOON I will keep doing things like this until you pay attention to me


19. When she interrupted an interview to eat a snack.

21. When she made sure everyone was aware that the world revolves around her.


22. When she encouraged ~youths~ to march to the beat of their own drums.

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