31 Times Aubrey Plaza Was A Perfect Human Being In 2013

I’m still not entirely convinced that she’s a human and not some robot goddess.

1. When she posed with Amy Poehler, a fellow perfect human being, and their radiance was almost too much to handle.

Matt / AP

2. And the time the two of them treated the world to a sneak peek of what would be the greatest relationship OF ALL TIME.




I mean, I guess it could get better if Tina joined in, too. But still.

4. When she tweeted this just because she could.

5. When she got her ear pierced on live TV and you wanted to hug her to help with the pain.

Bravo / Via

6. The time she was the foamiest foam ever to foam.

7. The time she wasn’t afraid to keep it real.

Warner Brothers Television Distribution / Via

10. Like, how is their friendship so perfect and wonderful and beautiful?

12. When she did the tongue thing way before Miley and way better than Miley.

13. When she gave the most adorable thumbs up ever to promote her movie The To Do List at the MTV Movie Awards.

Jordan Strauss / AP

14. And then tried to make a totally valid trade - an award for a drink - and didn’t care what anyone thought about it.

MTV / Via

19. When she starred in this parody trailer and made literally the entire world wish that it were a real movie because she was so perfect in it.

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23. When she wiped off Adam Scott’s chin at the Parks and Rec 100th episode party and the world almost exploded from the electric power of two such amazing humans interacting.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

27. The time she did this with Jack McBrayer, AKA Kenneth from 30 Rock.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

31. Basically, every moment of the entire year because she is beautiful and funny and flawless.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Can’t wait for even more Aubrey in 2014.

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