Aubrey Plaza Was On Conan Last Night And Couldn’t Stop Talking About Penises

Insert dick joke here.

1. Apparently Aubrey’s summer was full of penises.

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2. Literally, these were her first words when Conan asked about her summer so far.

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3. As it turns out, all the penises came into her life via a bachelorette party.

Sounds about right.

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4. Aubrey was in charge of gathering the party favors and decorations, so naturally she went a little crazy with the penis paraphernalia.

As one does.

ID: 3605377

5. She said they had penis lollipops, hats, necklaces, and a very realistic cake, which she wasn’t allowed to show on Conan because it’s so gnarly.

ID: 3605413

6. Basically, Aubrey seems like the best maid of honor anyone could ever hope to have.

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7. We could all learn a thing or two from her.

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