17 Times People Accidentally Embarrassed Themselves Pretty Badly In Real Life

    "It’s just you, your fart, and your humiliation."

    So, the other day, we wrote about Chrissy Teigen's hilarious tweet on what she considers the "most embarrassing thing" in the "entire world":

    To me, the most embarrassing thing in entire entire entire entire entire entire entire entire entire world, as in I wanna melt into a puddle and down a drain into the ocean then boiled into steam and blown into the atmosphere, is calling someone by the wrong name

    Simple but hey!

    According to Chrissy, accidentally calling someone by the wrong name is VERY awkward. Many fans on Twitter totally agreed and started sharing their own embarrassing moments, resulting in a pretty funny thread!

    This person laughs while reading their phone

    And in the comments of our post, many of you from the BuzzFeed Community shared your own stories about embarrassing, awkward, and hilarious social interactions — and accidental name mishaps — you've had. Here are some of the best ones:

    1. This not-so-silent but definitely deadly school crush encounter:

    "The most embarrassing thing is when you’re at your fourth grade pizza party, and you finally get to sit next to your crush. But then, you fall out of your chair and fart from being startled from the fall, and the silence of the classroom becomes deafening...and it’s just you, your fart, and your humiliation."


    2. This very awkward wedding speech:

    "The best man at my wedding called me by my husband’s ex-wife’s name during his toast."


    3. This bookstore bathroom run-in:

    "I was at Barnes & Nobles — I was 11 years old at that time — and I went to use the bathroom and opened a stall. I saw this high school dude standing there using the toilet. He was like, 'WHAT THE F***. GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE.' He said those exact words. I should've felt offended since it wasn't my fault; he didn't lock the door. But I was scared and ran out of the bathroom."


    4. This neighborly announcement:

    "My neighbor of about [15 years], who we’ve called Dave all along, came out and said that his name is Greg. My husband still refuses to believe it."


    5. This very unfortunate clog:

    "When I was 20, I had a partial (think a retainer with two fake teeth attached) because I was born without two of my replacement adult teeth — so I had two very obvious empty gaps if I didn't wear it. Well, I decided to go to a party and got way drunker than I intended and ended up puking in the bathroom. To my horror, the toilet wouldn't flush.

    "So I, in my drunken state, plunged my entire arm in the toilet to move the puke to make it flush. I got it to flush and realized microseconds later that it was my PARTIAL that was clogging it — and now, just got flushed down the toilet. I ended up freaking out and my roommates had to get me back to our apartment (same building), crying and going on about how my teeth were gone.

    "I then had to take out a small loan and wait three weeks for a new partial to be made. In this time, I worked at Disneyland and had to suffer every single day talking to hundreds of people with huge gaps in my teeth. I'm confident that I became known as the drunk girl who flushed her own teeth down the toilet. Worst three weeks of MY LIFE."


    6. This street encounter:

    "As I was crossing the street, I saw an old uni friend crossing from the other side. I knew he lived on that street, so it just made sense, and I shouted, 'Zack!!' with arms wide open for a hug and the biggest smile on my face. It wasn't until I was a foot away from him — and saw a distinctive 'who the f*** are you' look on his face — that I realized that he was, in fact, not my friend Zack — just a guy who looked similar. That was embarrassing."


    7. This ex-tra uncomfortable family call:

    "I've been called the wrong name before, and it's only bugged me once. My mother-in-law [persuaded] me and my husband into video calling family members we barely know to announce our pregnancy. Neither of us wanted to, but we eventually agreed because she wouldn't stop asking us to. So, we do the video calls, which are super awkward, and then my husband's uncle calls me the name of my husband's ex. We'd been together for 12 years, and he congratulated my husband and his ex-girlfriend on their pregnancy 🙄."


    8. This vomiting coworker:

    "Drunkenly puking in front of a cute coworker at a packed party might be my most embarrassing thing. I still get flushed with shame and embarrassment when thinking of it years later lol."


    9. These friendly lookalikes:

    "A few years ago, I was meeting a friend at the movies, and as I was walking up to the doors, I saw someone who I thought was her. I started waving and the person waved back at me, but as I got closer, I realized it was NOT my friend at the exact same time the woman realized that I was NOT her friend. After a minute of confusion, we laughed about it as both of our actual friends (who did look similar to us!) arrived. It was the weirdest moment of mutual embarrassment, and I still think about it all the time."


    10. These Daves:

    "I once dated a guy named Dave, and we went to a restaurant. Our server was someone I'd hung out with through mutual friends, but I completely blanked on his name. When I went to introduce them, I told the server, 'This is Dave...' and then they waited for me to [finish the introduction], but I couldn’t so it was just horrible, awkward silence for a bit. On my way out, I remembered our server’s name. It was also Dave."


    11. This familiar face:

    "I was once getting on a train and saw someone I definitely knew. I waved; he waved. I said, 'Hey, fancy seeing you here!' He looked a bit bemused. Only then I realised that he was a national newsreader, and he didn’t know me."


    12. This forgotten guest:

    "I once went to my now-husband’s holiday work party when we first started dating. There were a TON of people I hadn’t met before — just a bunch of names I was getting bombarded with. I approached one friend I had met...shook his hand, and said, 'Hi! Nice to meet you!' He stared at me and said, '...We know each other. You came to my house for dinner last night.'

    "To this day, I can’t live it down."


    13. This boyfriend-brother mix-up:

    "I know someone whose boyfriend and brother have very similar names that begin with the same letter. Once, I was trying to make conversation and asked, 'So, how long have you and *their brother's name* been together?' 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃"


    14. This unexpected wind:

    "I got off the bus in pouring rain with bags in both hands, soaked to the bone. As the bus was leaving, a gust of wind blew my skirt all the way up — and it was wet, so it just stuck there. I wanted DEATH."


    15. This incorrect recipient:

    "I think it's more embarrassing to RESPOND to someone else's name. In school, we were getting achievement certificates, and I thought I heard my name, so I went up to the front of the class to accept the paper. Caleb, the kid whose name was actually ON the paper, was not amused. I'm a chick, and my name doesn't even sound like Caleb 🤦‍♀️."


    16. This ex text:

    "Well...I was texting my brother, who lives abroad, and wanted to tell him to say hi to his girlfriend. They've been together for over five years, but I haven't seen them for a really long time. I forgot her name — totally blanked — and I figured texting, 'Say hi to your gf,' was kinda impersonal. So I texted, 'Say hi to Beth.' Thought about it, and was like, yeah, that sounds right. Turns out, that was his ex."


    17. And lastly, this drunken nightmare:

    "When I was 15, my friends and I went out and got super drunk, then went to sleep over at my friend Sam’s house. During the night, I went to the loo, fell asleep on it, and then fell off. The door had a child lock, so my friend’s mum — who was panicking because I wouldn’t respond — was able to get into the room, where she, all my friends, AND my friend’s little brothers saw me passed out on the floor, bare ass in the air. The mum literally had to pull my pants and trousers back up and drag me out. Naturally, it went around the entire school (thank god this was pre–mobile phones or there probably would have been photographic evidence)."