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Design A Mansion For JoJo Siwa And We’ll Reveal Whether You’re A Gen Z’er, Millennial, Or Boomer

There’s no such thing as too much ~glitter~.

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You may know JoJo Siwa.

She's a Gen Z YouTuber and entertainer with a bright personality, bright wardrobe, and even brighter house.

For this quiz, you get to live out your wildest interior designer dreams and design a new colorful home that JoJo herself would love. At the end, we’ll guess whether you’re a Gen Z’er, millennial, or baby boomer. Sound good? Great.

  1. Pick a wallpaper for the entryway

  2. Choose some comfy seating

  3. Pick a feature for your snack station

  4. Choose some bedding for the master bedroom

  5. Pick a JoJo face to display on the wall

  6. Choose a giant food sculpture for the living room

  7. Pick some flooring for the game room

  8. Choose some storage for JoJo's favorite bows

  9. Lastly, choose an extra for the backyard

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