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A Brief Explainer On Jojo Siwa For Everyone Who Keeps Hearing The Name Jojo Siwa But Have No Idea Who She Is

If you don't already know.

Ladies and germs, this is Jojo Siwa.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Some of you already know her. Others of you might recognize her name but know nothing about her, and some of you just might be seeing Jojo Siwa for the very first time right this minute!!

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Since Jojo Siwa recently became a Certified Gay Icon™, I figured a brief explainer on who she is might be helpful to inquiring minds.

oomf went to a jojo siwa interview and sent me this LMAOOO

Background: Jojo Siwa rose to fame originally because she was on Dance Moms as a sprightly 11-year-old.

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Now she's 15, however she wishes she could be 13 again. Relatable.

When your 13 you wanna be 15..... trust me tho when your 15 you wanna be 13

Anyway, after Dance Moms she become a YouTuber. Almost nine million people subscribe to her channel these days.

And now she is in the midst of becoming your next fav popstar. This is her song "D.R.E.A.M."

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And this is her instant classic "High Top Shoes."

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Jojo is known for a few things.

1) For wearing a bow in her hair every day.

Jerritt Clark / Getty Images

According to one of her vids that I didn't watch, she has over 1,000 bows.

2) For her extremely tight side ponytail (also worn everyday) ***Trigger warning for people who have sensitive scalps.***

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3) For her bright and bedazzled lewks.

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

4) And finally, for speak-yelling really fast, thusly being slightly difficult to understand!!

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In addition to the things I just mentioned, Jojo Siwa is surprisingly tall. She's 5'9" , which most people did not realize until it was ~revealed~ (someone mentioned it somewhere).


This information about her height sent people (myself included) into a tizzy. She's 15!!! That's tall!!!

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Other than vlogging and singing and dancing, Jojo is a merch queen.

Whatever merch you want she has. LUNCH KITZ (basically Lunchables) Yah she has that.

Dolls? Yes. There are dolls.

Bedding? Yeah, duh! Her bedding is displayed here, in her actual room, which she actually has decorated like this.

Tbh she's makin' bank and I'm jealous!

In sum, here is a performance that I think really encapsulates Jojo Siwa. It's from last week when she was on Live with Ryan and Kelly.

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So there you go! Now you know the basics of Jojo Siwa. Maybe now you're a Siwanator :).

Thanks for coming to this lecture. See you next week, class!