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    These 16 Teachers Are So Clever, They Deserve A Raise

    "Favorite thing about teaching? I like the weekends and summers."

    Being a teacher is a tough job, but many of them have mastered the art of being incredibly memorable for their students.

    So here are 16 times teachers proved to be funniest, most patient, and most ~clever~ people ever:

    1. This teacher's unconventional idea for a hall pass:

    2. This teacher who decided to use a fencing sword instead of a smart board pen:

    3. This teacher who gave her students a delicious "brown-E":

    4. This teacher who gave their students a fake word search for April Fools' Day:

    5. This forensic teacher's clever pen holder:

    6. This math teacher's equation clock that's equally genius and cruel:

    7. And this teacher's clock, which came with a daunting question:

    8. This teacher who politely handled this mannequin situation:

    9. This Spanish class teacher who displayed Predatora the Explora, aka the ultimate mashup of _Dora the Explorer _and Predators:

    10. This teacher's rules for when it's OK to interrupt the class — which ranges from if aliens are invading to if Jason Momoa enters the room:

    11. The possible answers to this science teacher's multiple choice question — one of which includes "Dave":

    12. This teacher who asked students to draw a duck to receive extra credit on an assignment — and ended up with great results:

    "Mess with the honk, you get the bonk."

    13. This teacher who refuses to be called a "moron":

    14. This math teacher who came up with a mathematical countdown for the days until Thanksgiving:

    15. This teacher's favorite things about teaching:

    16. And finally, these teachers who dressed up as their Zoom class nightmares — students with their video cameras off: