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    31 Hysterically Cringeworthy Teacher Fails That Will Be Remembered For Lifetimes To Come

    God bless these sweet, sweet teachers.

    1. This teacher, who accidentally burned the kids' handprints for Mother's Day:

    2. This teacher, who spilled candle wax on his lesson plan during a class Zoom session:

    3. This teacher, who didn't notice until Friday afternoon that the letter and word of the week sent a hysterically rude message:

    4. This teacher, who started changing into his tennis shoes for a fire drill, then got distracted and forgot to finish and had to walk around school like this:

    5. This teacher, who got hit with a dose of pregnancy brain and didn't realize she was using sunscreen on her students' crafts instead of glue:

    6. This teacher, who got distracted and forgot to finish her "Hello students" sign before the kids came in:

    7. This teacher, who forgot she'd left the dissected lamb organs to thaw and walked in on an alarming scene:

    8. This teacher, who didn't notice this embarrassing typo until it was too late:

    9. This teacher, who didn't think about what a game of hangman with her music students might look like until it was too late:

    10. And this teacher, whose dog ate the homework of one of her students, because of course:

    11. This teacher, who was so tired that he tried to open his classroom door with his car keys:

    12. This teacher, who failed hilariously at snacking while wearing her face shield:

    13. This teacher, who spilled water on her pants before class in the worst place ever:

    14. This teacher, who showed up to her class Zoom alone, then realized she forgot to invite the kids:

    15. This teacher, who definitely could have picked a better font for the homework:

    16. This teacher, who tried to hang her degree on the wall of her classroom, and this happened:

    17. This teacher, who accidentally dyed her hands blue while doing an Earth Day project with her class:

    18. This teacher, who didn't realize she put a curse word in the word search she made for her students:

    19. And this teacher, who tried to refill the beanbag chair and failed hilariously:

    20. This teacher, who didn't think before she arranged these balloons:

    21. This teacher, who didn't mean to flick off all her students, but:

    22. This teacher, who accidentally killed the class goldfish, so she had to cover her tracks:

    23. This teacher, who got a little tongue-tied:

    24. This teacher, who tried to fix a student's inappropriate drawing and made it way worse:

    25. This teacher, who received this email from one of her students:

    "Did you realize that you send the answer keys on the back of the math homework??"
    mrskayi / Via Instagram: @undefined

    26. This teacher, whose student misspelled "decreasing" like this:

    27. This teacher, who thought it would be cute to give her students holiday "reindeer poop" malt balls, but then they melted in her car and looked like...actual reindeer poop:

    Melted chocolate that looks like poop
    tales_from_the_playground / Via

    28. This teacher, who spilled coffee all over the assignments they were grading:

    29. This teacher, whose student drew this portrait of her and misspelled her name, "Alyssa," in a hilarious way:

    30. This teacher, who didn't consider what her Lilo & Stitch sweatshirt would look like when she recorded a remote learning video for her class:

    31. And this teacher, who locked himself out of his classroom and had to go to hilariously extreme measures to get back in:

    Hang in there, teachers! We appreciate you, and you ROCK!


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