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Nonrich People Are Pointing Out The Most Bizarre Things Rich People Do, And I'm Convinced The Wealthy Aren't Real Human Beings

Someone explain to me why rich people say, "Money doesn't solve problems," when it LITERALLY does.

Let's be honest: Sometimes it seems as if rich people truly live in another world.

And people on Twitter have been calling out the things rich people do that make no sense to the rest of us. So here are some of the funniest — and most brutal — things about rich people that nonrich people are pointing out:

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1. Like, for some reason, rich people like ugly furniture:

@JoePompliano Why do rich people always have the ugliest furniture?

Twitter: @Trojanman2002

2. But they do NOT like constructive criticism:

Why do rich people cry when people point out that they probably suck at least a little bit?

Twitter: @AnisaTheGreasy

3. They're obsessed with fancy ice:

Those rich people on TikTok that organize their fridges & put food in containers. With the different ice shapes & flavours😭>>

Twitter: @Nolwazii_K

4. When rich people attempt to act "normal," it usually ends up like this:

@mattxiv Rich people do normal things the same way that aliens would do those things to try and imitate humans.

Twitter: @honestsportz

5. Rich people are ~always~ traveling (what ELSE are they looking for?):

Why do rich people travel? They already found cash.

Twitter: @blumenfeld

6. Oh, and why do they always want more money?

Why do rich people want to be more rich and they are already rich?

Twitter: @Hon_Mungatana

7. Rich people can be angry:

Why do rich people have too much anger issues and pride so 😒.

Twitter: @aqcosua_n

8. And they don't like admitting that they're rich:

Why do rich people hate admitting that they're rich

Twitter: @laiba_naz18

9. They get free things...even if they can buy it themselves:

hes so right cos why do rich people get even more stuff for free than us normal people when they have all the money #MoonlightChickenEP3

Twitter: @daegemfourth

10. They have soooo much unused space in their houses:

why do rich people love to have so much empty useless space https://t.co/pnXFY65cJJ

Twitter: @realteaemoji

11. Like, they really have all this and more in their homes:

Why do rich people need 35 bedrooms, 4 tennis courts, 6 indoor and outdoor pools, 7 kitchens, a bodega, and a hospital in their home?

Twitter: @Izzyalright

12. For some reason, rich people like pretending to be poor:

Why do rich people want to be regular so bad? I wish I would be a billionaire in here tweeting like a poor. If you don’t get off this app and go do some rich people shit! Go buy a dolphin circus or something!

Twitter: @Basseyworld

13. In fact, some reeeaallly love trying to convince you that they're not as rich as you think:

Rich people will tell you things like "after the kids' $50,000/year private school tuition we basically live paycheck to paycheck" with a straight face as they attempt to convince you they are middle class.

Twitter: @LethalityJane

14. They love going into politics:

why do rich people go into politics if i was rich i would live in a little house by the sea and fulfill as many mutual aid requests as i could and mind my business instead of spending $14m to run for a 2 year term

Twitter: @yupes_

15. And acting as if money can't solve problems:

idk why rich people always say ”money doesnt solve problems“ all of my problems would literally be solved if i had money

Twitter: @lsa6elle

16. Rich people think if everyone just "works hard," everything will be fine:

Rich people always like “if you work hard you’ll be fine” and I’m like you have people that clean your house and walk your dogs and do your laundry and watch your kids for you, where am I supposed to find the time

Twitter: @PokeKellz

17. They like having several bathrooms (just in case?):

@zillowgonewild Why do rich people homes always have a zillion bathrooms? Normal homes have an equal number of bathrooms to bedrooms or maybe even a few less bathrooms. Like I lived in a 3 bed 1.5 bath once. But rich people have tons of bathrooms. Do they have IBS? Chron's? I have questions.

Twitter: @LoverEraLinds

18. And lastly, they like to ruin things:

Why do rich people have to ruin everything?

Twitter: @OurNewHomecoach

WELP. All jokes, right? What are some other things about rich people that you don't understand? Let us know in the comments below!