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25 Weird And Out-Of-Touch Things Rich People Do That Prove They Live In Another Universe

"Rich people think working hard is riding a private jet while emailing someone."

There's a lot about the life of celebs and the super rich that seems like another world. And, TBH, we all have some curiosity and questions about what their lives are like — and why they do the things they do.

So, here are just some verrrry specific things rich people do that Twitter users are hilariously pointing out:

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1. Like, why do super rich people get free stuff...if they're super rich?

Why do super rich people always get FREE shit?

Twitter: @TiffyXX

2. And, apparently, they're all getting pregnant right now:

Why all these rich people getting pregnant right now? Do they know something we don’t?

Twitter: @niccoyat

3. Rich people also enjoy recommending things to people:

Why do rich people think they know what's best for everyone else?

Twitter: @mzzdefiant

4. They especially love to give vague advice:

Why do rich people give vague advice?

Twitter: @misscidella

5. Rich people also like living far, far away from everyone else:

Why do rich people always live in places with bad service?

Twitter: @TheWittyGirl

6. Specifically, rich people like living south of major cities:

why do rich people occupy south of almost every city

Twitter: @arushi_says_hi

7. They don't like brands like Gucci:

Why do rich people wear simple clothes and not Gucci if they have all that money?

Twitter: @nurasabitu

8. They enjoy being cold on vacation:

I’m sorry but why do rich people go on skiing holidays? It’s cold, and you exercise all day. Sounds like a massive PE lesson

Twitter: @Jaimi_Shrive

9. And taking cold showers:

rich people buy tankless hot water heaters just to take cold showers

Twitter: @pipkinpippa

10. Some rich people really appreciate when you pay for their things:

Why do rich people so often expect other people to pick up their bills?

Twitter: @TomLondon6

11. They love having houses with lots of bathrooms:

Why do rich people live in houses with 6 bedrooms and 10 baths?

Twitter: @womenbaseball1

12. They REALLY like their money:

Twitter: @haikudegras

13. They like discounts:

Why rich people always ask for discounts ah? You rich, you pay la.

Twitter: @lydiasutera

14. They also like casually running for office:

Why do rich people think they'll be good at governing? Do they just see waiters and assistants doing whatever they say and think, "People must love me. I think it's time to run for office"?

Twitter: @iateoklahoma

15. Rich people enjoy working hard on their private jets:

rich people think working hard is riding a private jet while emailing someone

Twitter: @ymmayer

16. And they like telling other people to just, you know, work harder:

I don’t know what made rich people think that it’s normal for people to work multiple jobs just to be able to afford the necessities + essentials. Like nobody should be working themselves to death there are other priorities, people have families + relationships etc.

Twitter: @sshesanangel

17. Rich people also really love boats:

why do rich people love boats? they are just caravan holidays with sharks no thank you

Twitter: @kingstonwrites

18. Yachts are second homes:

Why do rich people always buy new yachts like I guess yachts are cool but is it a worthy investment according to your time spend on the yacht?? Like it's $500 milion but what are you gonna do??? Live in it??? 4 week vacation?? It's not worth the starvation wages you offer

Twitter: @JasperBoerstra

19. Rich people like spending their parents' money — and making sure you know about it:

Why do rich people say “it’s not my money it’s my parents money”

Twitter: @chinremoval

20. They're always busy, too:

do you know why rich people are always busy? i will explain later i am busy!

Twitter: @ribz_rb

21. They love having huge rooms with very little furniture:

Why do rich people always seem to want massive living rooms with one leather chair in it?

Twitter: @cynaragee

22. Their houses echo and everything:

rich people have the echo-iest houses. it could be a tiny apartment on central park south and sound like the inside of a tunnel

Twitter: @thelexikitty

23. Some rich people enjoy pretending to have wayyy less money than they really do:

why do rich people wanna cosplay as poor people so badly

Twitter: @elizaachaii

24. Some even HATE when you call them rich:

why do rich people hate when you call them rich

Twitter: @postnutcalamity

25. And they'll never, never admit to being rich:

why do rich people never want to admit they’re rich. ..?

Twitter: @loveIydoIl

What are some other oddly specific things that rich people do? Let us know in the comments below.